J&E Petra to the Pyramids Sept. 26th 2021 tour. My experience....... By Mil.



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    Day 12TH
    Visit to the Old Cairo Islamic & Coptic Quarters...
    So interesting , I wish the visits would have taken a little longer.... around thes quarters you could see more people around, mostly locals an school kids.

    We visited the Mosques first.- we were the only ones at both Mosques...
    First the Sultan Hassan Mosque with the privilege that we were able to listen a prayer.... Live infront of us..
    visit lasted about 40 min.
    Here is the prayer... hopefully no one gets offended... but I as a citizen in this world, I do appreciate all cultures and religions.. with respect and admiration...


    Then the Al Rifai Mosque , visit lasted about 30 min.

    Next to the Coptic Quarters... quick drive away... traffic getting heavy! but you're always moving... great time to take pics of the locals....

    as we were leaving ... the door of the cementary was open, and I got in... Love to photograph cementaries... the wacht man... went Rambo on me.... , all I could tell him was Habibi , Habibi and he started laughin..

    Once the visits of the day were done... we went back to IKEA! oh yes the hotel....
    for free time... to find a pair of slide pickles to wear in your eyes... after the farewell dinner....

    Here are some ramdom pics from the locals

    Oooupsss different trip,-

    the farewell dinner was elegant and outside with a perfect weather and a light breeze.. everyone dressed nicely... drinks were great and food was delicious.... a night and group to remember... everyone was greta, on time always and friendly.
    The TD was amazing!!!, local guides incredible, with great knowledge of their culture & history and always caring... the guards I'm xtra thankful for all the help they gave my mom... drivers too... always gretting us with a smile, driving us with care and protecting us from the Nasty-19. :))
    The itinerary very well done by Tauck, everything went smoothly , big BAM! you did it again....
    Thank you, Tauck!

    For those friends that are reading this report.... it has been a pleasure... I'll be back!
    ask any questions you may have...I'll try to help. XOXOXOXOXO.


                                               The end! 
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    kfnknfzk , just let me know it's you....... we'll make history!
    Thats it .... I have to do something memorable on my next trip! something to be on Tauck's book.
    maybe my next one.... Botswana, Zambia & South Africa 2022.

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    mil- Superb!!! Thanks again.

    I'm sure the TD drew attention to the part of the Old Cairo/Coptic Cairo day daily schedule where it said to wear socks- you are required to remove your shoes when entering mosques and bare feet are not permitted.

    I didn't quite follow so will send you a PM for details about cameras in the Old Egyptian Museum.

    You'll love B,SA,Z- it is a great tour!

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    Mil...great report. Thanks for sharing the details without giving away the surprises. I'm so ready to get on my flight. My holiday starts the minute I arrive at the airport and present my passport B) .

    I agree with Alan--you will love B, SA, Z. It is a different type of trip but so awe inspiring to watch the animals in their environment and see the circle of life before your own eyes. Hunt-Kill-Eat...

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    Mil, having just finished watching the Nat Geo series on Egypt, I feel like I've already visited all these places. Makes me look forward to my Ebypt trip, even more.

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    Waooo , now that I'm done with the report... What am I going to do at work? :o

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    AlanS , Hello
    I forgot my socks when visiting the Mosque , so I was barefooted and was no problem, both Mosque were empty.
    just us

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    With all that free time, I wonder if you work for the government? :)

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    Mil...Waooo , now that I'm done with the report... What am I going to do at work? :open_mouth:

    Mil...start planning the next adventure B)

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    Hi PureLuxury.
    I landed 10/11- Monday, came back to work Wed. 10/13- last week.....
    I don't suffer from Jetlag... I just feel hungry all day.. for about 2-3 days... It's the Tauck curse....you miss the food.
    Next adventure is all taking care... I do my homework a year in advance, but with Nasty-19 I had a chance to plan 2022-2023.
    We'll see.

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    Mil...Did you find any interesting gifts or mementos to buy? Someone in an earlier post mentioned a fabric store in Egypt - did you by chance stop by?

    In Jerusalem, there was an artist with a shop in the Armenian Quarter, near the Jaffa Gate, that was hand painting and signing scenes of Jerusalem/ Western Wall on various size vases. They were beautiful and the perfect size to pack. Everyone on my list was gifted one.

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    those are beautiful vases...
    Now, I'm sorry but on this tour.. there isn't time to shop, and because Covid they cancel the visit to the market... maybe in the future...

    But! if you have something specific you want, tell the TD he will set up transportation and will advice on the best place to buy.
    I've gotten to the point that I don't buy anything anymore for the house , the only thing I buy are my souvenir magnets... which sadly my Luxor temple that I bought at the Kanak temple got broken...

    TIP . if anyone is into magnets while in Luxor.. buy them at the Kanak- Luxor temple doesn't have any.

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    **Mil* the only thing I buy are my souvenir magnets... which sadly my Luxor temple that I bought at the Kanak temple got broken...

    Mil - I'm happy to buy a magnet of the Luxor temple and mail it to you. Just describe the one you wanted as best as you can and I will pick it up. No problem.

    What about the gift shops in the hotels..anything interesting to buy there? I know they are over-priced, but I'm not one for haggling. If I see it, like it, buy it--done!

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    PureLuxury, Hello
    Wao ! that would be so cool.. if you could get me one.. I will pay you the magnet & post.- when is your tour? if you send me your address - by private message I'll send it.
    it would be a ceramic type- magnet, main thing is that it needs to say LUXOR- and they only sale them at the Kanak temple- as you come out, it is The first stall on your left after the ice cream dispenser.. That stall has the best one, but I'll take anything.. What it looks like..., that I leave it to you... surprise me. I'm easy to please.. my only thing is that needs to say Luxor, please.

    Gift shops in the hotel.. there is 2 @ the Kempinski . both own by a nice young couple- she runs the antique shop. She has great jewelry pieces at great $$ , tell her the Spanish gal Mil and mom recommend her shop.. she will give a disct.- we spend a fortune there
    the other shop is more for souvenirs.. he does have great -dead sea products..
    shops at Movenpick- Petra were closed at the time we could shop-
    the Boat had 3 glass dispensers with purses and sheets, nothing else.
    Old cataract has a small jewelry shop, it was closed early mornings...
    Ikea-Mena hotel- gift shop is a joke.. don't bother...
    Hope this helps and Thanks a million for your offer about the magnet. <3

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    AlanS ,Hi

    " technology is forcing us to adapt" this is so true!

    I totally forgot to mention this.....
    98% of the Menu's in every rest. are no longer avail.- sometimes our TD did printed them.. so we could see it in paper instead of having to scan the QR. to open the menu on our phones...
    So, be aware...
    Your phone will be more useful than just to take pics. or to call.
    Specially @ the Kempinski Ishtar Dead Sea.- everything is by QR.'s-

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