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  • I could never list all my souvenir purchases but many of them are paintings, and yes, the framing always costs more than the painting. I have been known to struggle with already framed paintings before now. Mr B always says, if you want it, you can carry it….and yes, he really does let me struggle 🤪
    What I can’t bare to imagine is how long it will take our kids to carry it all out to the trash when we are gone.

  • British, I totally agree. I enjoy all of our souvenirs, pictures, etc. and I recall where each was purchased. I know my kids won’t want any of them, so when I’m gone, they can toss it all—but while I’m here, they give me great pleasure and wonderful memories.

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    British and jan_page511,

    You can itemize your "treasures" within your will/living trust and designate a charity/hospital/religious entity, et al, to leave them to. I have done this with most of my possessions. When I cleaned out my mother's home, I donated some framed prints and some of my father's copper "art" to the hospice where she spent her final days. They were delighted to have them.

    Sorry for the digression, but I thought this could be a viable alternative to the trash heap. Just a thought.

  • A good idea but I have found that unless you take things to the charity shops, donations are harder to get rid of in my experience of clearing two lots of parents possessions. They sometimes can’t come to collect things for days/weeks and you don’t always have huge amount of time to drive around distributing. The first time, I did house clearance and they came in and trashed some things immediately like kitchen ware. My mother’s cheap trinkets, they carefully wrapped, it was all kinda funny and tragic all at once. I could only carry so much back to the US. It all ,ales me so sad ot think about those times in my life.

  • I am so sorry that my post saddened you. It is never easy losing someone.

    I thought you were leaving on your trip today. Have a wonderful time. Stay well.

  • We’ve donated quite a few items of our late parents to Wings Resale Shop near us in suburban Chicago, proceeds for which benefit families escaping domestic violence. They accept everything including furniture, clothing, housewares, artwork, etc. But I agree with British that to get any organization to pick up items can take weeks if they do it at all, and in these Covid times who knows?

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    Enjoy! Say hi to Toucan Sam (not to be confused with Smiling Sam) :D

  • We buy post cards in every town we visit while on tours. Been to Budapest to Amsterdam, ESW, Classic Italy and Legends of the American West and have come home with a bunch. We go thru them and pick out the ones we like best have them framed and give as Christmas gifts.

  • AlanS - Here's is Toucan Sam's (Ala AlanS) father.

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