Preparing for K & T - Questions for those who have gone before



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    I think when we got our visa several years ago there may have been a question as to whether we had sufficient funds- answer: "yes." It is really a question aimed at people from other third world countries.

    This is similar to screening when applying for a US visa. My daughter has worked in the consular sections of several overseas US embassies and had to ask similar questions during interviews of those applying for visas. Many applicants did not have sufficient funds, not even close, some didn't even have enough money for tickets to get here (some may have just been collecting visas.). When she asked about funds, it was not uncommon for some applicants to say something like they had saved over $100 for their trip. As to what they planned to do and see here, some responses were hilarious, often like this- "I'm going to spend a week in America, first in DC to see the White House and shake the President's hand, the next day I'm going to visit Mickie Mouse and Disney World in Florida, then go to Hollywood, California to see movie stars." How will you get to these places- "I'm going to rent a car and drive there." :o )

  • We just went last year and I remember some condition where ‘proof of funds’ is required, but it did not apply to our trip with evidence of an exit plane ticket. I’m not going to look it up, but I think you might want to read it again.

  • I went in 2021 and did not have to provide proof of income.

  • If I’m not mistaken, proof of sufficient funds was required for our 2016 K&T trip. And i do recall giving them the Tauck invoice. We certainly didn’t provide any bank info.

  • Are new, crisp US dollars accepted in Kenya? I know they are in Tanzania. Is it necessary to take Shillings?

  • You don’t want to get schillings unless you plan on giving them to your grandchildren. The latest series U.S. dollars are fine. They don’t have to be ‘new’, just unmarked and undamaged.

  • In 2017 there was a question "Budget Available For Your Stay". We used a visa service and they put "Credit Card" as the answer.

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