Yellow Fever Vaccine

Registered for 2023 Essence of South America Tour. Curious whether other 60+ travelers are planning to get the Yellow Fever Vaccine even though there is a higher adverse side effects rate for that age group, given that Rio and Falls are areas of high Yellow Fever?


  • I got my YF vaccine shot about a month for a tour to Kenya/Tanzania. I was on the fence about it because of the literature about side effects for those over 60. I am 76. I did have some mild side effects but no worse than any other vaccine. I just had my shingles shot on Wednesday and actually have more side effects from that than YF shot. Essence of South America is one of the tours that was cancelled on me early on in the pandemic. I've not rescheduled it as yet given South America has been behind the eight ball with COVID for quite some time. Hopefully they are coming out of it now.

  • We got our YF vaccination in 2019 when we were 68 and had no I’ll effects whatsoever.

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    Once you dig into the issue, the side-effects and dangers of the YF shot are generally specific to people with certain underlying conditions, not just age. There may be others, but I believe the main ones are intolerance to vaccines in general or those made using egg products (if the person is allergic to eggs), and those with compromised immune systems. Bottom line, don't get your medical advice on social media, check with your doctor

  • My husband and I got our vaccinations when we were 72 and75. We had no issues.

  • This is probably an issue best discussed with your primary care doctor.

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    Bns Hi.
    YFV a MOST!!!!!! in South America. if you spread the vax like a month or weeks apart as poss. instead of getting them all together 1 or 2 weeks prior to the trip, you shouldn't have any side effects. - People love to get them all at once- that's a killer.
    I got the YFV about 3 months prior to the trip, them the Typhoid and last the Malaria. the trick with the Malaria is to take it in the morning at breakfast with dairy products- I had it every day with my cereal swimming in milk and also ate a yogurt. No stomach problems, no nightmares.
    Hope this helps.

  • Although it really should be something to discuss with your doctor, if you intend to continue to travel to other exotic places in the future, this dilemma is fount to keep coming up.
    There was an outbreak of YF recently in one of the countries Tauck visits, I can’t remember which, so that’s an future issue when traveling.

  • Is the Yellow Fever vaccine required for travel on K/T, India and Patagonia tours? My husband and I were cleared to get the vaccine, but the doctor also mentioned a waiver as an option. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  • Get the vaccine!

  • Same: get vaccine!

  • Ditto. I also had a side effect from the Shingles, and all the Covid vaccines and even the booster and even the flu shot. You might feel run down from the vaccine for a day. The benefit of the YF vaccine is insurance that you won’t get Yellow Fever. Get the vaccine.

  • Thank you all for your advice. I'm going to get it later today.

  • Glad you opted in. Better safe than sorry. Also you never know if you are going to run into a stickler at border crossing who won’t let you in without it. I had some side effects from YF shot but they only lasted a day or so. The worst were itchy throat and ears and flatulence. I kid you not. Wasn’t expecting that one at all. I was 76 when I got it.

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