Austria Covid entry requirements

We have already had 3 vaccinations and went early so the booster would have lapsed at time of trip late May—expires after 269 days . OR the Austria website can take Covid test. Tauck still after 3 weeks of asking about this no answer??? Don’t they have tours going thru now every week? Also including CDC debating 2nd booster for healthy individuals T this time.



  • Yes, be clearer, what do you want to know?

  • Tauck's website is quite clear on the requirements. You can also filter on your specific tour to see additional, if any, requirements. Presently, there is no requirement from Tauck for a fourth vaccination (second booster).

  • My travel agent has NOT been able to get answer from Tauck for 3 weeks which is why I asked. Will Tauck do the 2 different tests that Austria said I think is acceptable if booster lapsed. Certainly they must know and confirm by now with their tours there. Bizarre that agent can’t get confirmation

  • There is no need to wait for an answer from Tauck, you can find the information from the country’s government’s website. Tauck encourages you to look up the very latest before you travel. There is no indication for a second booster, few countries have approved it.

  • The problem appears to be with your travel agent.

  • So does Tauck arrange one of these tests? I would also think Tauck is responsible since we r on their ship and find odd that for 3 weeks they will not give confirmation of this.

  • Tauck Covid advice for Austria does NOT reflect what the Austrian govt site says which is if booster over 270 days can submit to test. Tauck needs to put that on their site regulations. Austria updates this weeks ago

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    No Tauck will not arrange your tests. To be able to go on the tour you have to meet all the requirements of the countries you'll be traveling to and in some cases foreign airports you might transit thru. They will only arrange - but not pay for - the test to return to the U.S. if that is still required in May.

    You need to go to the Tauck website, at the top of the page select the button for Latest Updates and Testing Requirements, scroll down to your tour and read thru what is required for each country the cruise goes thru.

    Edit: I hadn't looked at the itinerary and didn't realize this one doesn't begin in Austria. It's either Budapest or Prague. If it's a test to be able to enter a country where the tour starts, Tauck is not going to arrange testing. Same if it's a requirement to transit an airport enroute your tour e.g. when the UK required a negative test just to go thru Heathrow. On tour it's a different matter.

    Additionally, if it's been that long since you've had a booster it's probably a good idea to get one. I'll most likely get one before traveling this fall.

  • When I was on "Adriatic Treasures," which ended in Venice, last fall, Italy was still requiring a negative Covid test for entry. Tauck arranged that test. Techs came to the hotel in Rovinj on our last day there, tested us, and the TD had the results (all negative) within hours. We did not individually pay for those tests. If, as part of your tour, you travel to different countries, I am sure that Tauck will arrange any tests that are needed. I don't know whether you would have to pay for the test, though. As Claudia said, you will have to pay for your test to return to the US. In my case, last fall, I flew home from Venice within 3 days of the negative test, so I didn't need another test. People who extended their stays in Europe had to arrange their own tests.

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    Several forum members, in good faith, have attempted to assist you. In turn, it would be appropriate for you and your travel agent to make an attempt to read the requirements for your trip. Your tour does not originate in Austria; as such, the aforementioned post advising you that Tauck will not arrange for any testing is erroneous. Again, Tauck's website for your specific tour clearly indicates they will arrange for any required testing when crossing between borders if such test is required based on your vaccination and booster status. The requirements are clear. Good day.

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    Sorry to burst everyone's bubble here, but TCCMahoney, has a valid question. Tauck's policy, in general only states if it has been more than 270 days since vax, a booster is needed, but it doesn't address time limits on the booster. The requirement specific to Blue Danube cruise does not address what happens if it will be 270 days since both vax AND booster, which is evidently the position TCC is in.

    I don't know TCC's medical situation or whether he/she is ineligible to get a second booster, but that would seem to be the simplest solution.

    If that is not possible, then according to the Austrian website, TCC will need a PCR test valid for 72 hours to enter Austria. Tauck does not list testing as a requirement to enter Austria, however the COVID info section of the Blue Danube states, "Tauck will arrange and cover the cost of any required testing, and will assist with filling out any required forms, as we cross borders while on your cruise." It appears in TCC's case, a PCR test may be required and if so Tauck should take care of it, but TCC and/or his/her TA are just being prudent and trying to inform Tauck as to this relatively unique situation and to verify Tauck will indeed "arrange and cover the cost" of any required testing, especially since the cruise stops in 4 Austrian cities. As to why the TA can't get an answer from Tauck, I can't say, since TA's have a special line. And personally, I would not take a chance and take a multi-thousand dollar trip based on social media advice!

    Again, the simplest solution would be to get a second booster.

  • I agree with AlanS. My first international trip will be in September and I'm waiting until closer to September to get my second booster just because everything is so fluid with testing, vaccine requirements, masking, etc. I know we are all very tired of COVID and just want to get back to normal but we may need to take precautions just a little while longer.

    I like to use the analogy it's like penicillin--if the doc says take it for 10 days straight, take it for 10 days straight. Don't stop taking it after 5 days because you feel better. There's a reason the docs prescribe for a certain amount of time and we need to respect their collective judgment on these things. Yes, the advice does change more frequently than we'd like but it's a new virus, with new mutants, because too many people have become hosts which allowed the virus to mutate. Many cannot get the vaccine for medical reasons or can take the vaccine but it's not as effective on them, again, for medical reasons. If one can get the second booster, which is a bit of a problem in many areas due to availability or not being eligible because of age requirements, I would get the second booster for added protection and to obviate the need for testing.

    I know others will disagree and that's your right, but at 76, I want to do everything I can to stay healthy, stay out of the hospital, and get back to international traveling which I've not done since November of 2019. I would feel so much better and more relaxed knowing my fellow travelers are taking the necessary precautions so we can all enjoy our time together on the road.

  • I made an edit to my earlier post. I too will follow my doctors recommendations and will do what's required for whatever countries we want to travel to. I do hope Portugal drops their testing requirements for all Americans just to avoid last minute stress over whether it is the right test, do the results come back in tine, etc.

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