1st- Botswana, Zambia & Cape Town tour started today.

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Finally, the first group it's starting today 4/23, I hope we hear from them as they arrive back. It's always great to hear how the tour developed after almost 2 years off. I hope as always everyone comes back saying trip exceeded expectations...
Best wishes to them. :))


  • I am thinking about one of the Botswana trips to take in the future. What are the pluses and minuses among the different Tauck trips to that area? I took Kenya and Tanzania with another tour company in 2001 along with our 8 year old frighten at the time. At that time, I did not know about Tauck. We went with Abercrombie and Kent on that family trip. My daughter is almost 30 and still remembers that trip as well as Antarctica the following year. That is what traveling does and it’s better, in my opinion, then going to Disneyland.

  • OurTravels34 Hi.
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
    First, I have to say A&K is also a great company-but Tripple the cost of Tauck (single supplement) it's horrendous!!! and they do compete and copy Tauck's itinerary. Tauck has better network, so they do offer special visits no one else does and are more up to date with best available attractions, hotels etc... Tauck has been in business for 97 years, A&K 60.

    Now, I'm not surprised your daughter remembers that trip, Africa is Amazing- regardless of which country you go to, it is magical and unforgettable. If you give Tauck a chance you will not regret it and I can assure you it will be hooked with them, you get treated like royal and the clientele is very friendly and upscale, you won't feel like you're on those tours where they herb customers like cows...

    I'm going on my 2nd Safari trip and cannot wait, the smell, the people and the animals!! OMG, love it!

    About the Botswana tours, this is my first time one to this area & South Africa. I have heard there are fewer game drives (1-2 daily for sure) but more things to see and different adventures. Also, different type of fauna added to it then K&T- lots of Elephants, Hippos, Leopards, Giraffes, Wild Dogs, Meerkats, Rhinos etc... my friend told me it's also amazing to see the Okavango Delta, that it is a great experience. which it's one of the reasons I picked this tour and of course Cape Town which better way to wrap up Africa for now... anyways. :))
    I'm doing Botswana, Zambia & Cape Town to kind of mix in a little of the Safari-cultural/history part of South Africa, it is longer than the other 2 and it has the safari camps, that do give you the nature camping safari feeling. Also, I think it covers more than The Elegant Adventure or The Wildlife Odyssey and it's longer too. plus, I always wanted to see the Victoria Falls and finally I love the hotels. :)
    I need my fancy Spa treatments. I don't shop I pamper myself. :))
    Hope this help.
    Have a great week.

  • Mil, you have been most helpful and I enjoy your repertoires. I feel we can all be good friends. We all have a sense of wanderlust. I’ve been on a dozen Tauck trips (two are coming up this year) and I know their quality. I will save your information and discuss it with my family. My husband just retired so we have all the time in the world to explore. Hopefully world events will improve too. Thank you.

  • As far as I am aware, the Wildlife Odyssey was new for 2020 but may have only just been a go. We were booked on it but cancelled several months ago when it became impossible to get flights back then and Zimbabwe had a tight PCR test timing. We took the Botswana tour that Mil is going on a few years ago and loved it, that is the one I would recommend to you. Plus stay on in Cape Town a few days.
    The Southern Africa experiences are quite different to the East African ones, plus it’s nice to get to Cape Town

  • OurTravels34
    You're welcome, hope to see you in the near future. I love to travel and as much as possible, I do a different country every year.
    So far... no complains.
    So, if you know Tauck it should be easier to pick the right tour. They are all good. :)

    British is a good source of info. she has done most Safaris. and she recommends it. That's thumbs up!
    Also, this tour since to be a favorite for many. I think we'll be good.

    I have all my Spa treatments booked and now I'm working the xtras in Cape Town.
    Wine, Penguins, Coffee, food, Art, Mandela Museum, The Harbor., the Cape wheel, Table Mt. if it's clear, cocktails at the O&O maybe my future hubby is there waiting for me... Lololol!! :wink: #
    I'm staying 2 xtra days.

  • mil,

    I just love your posts. You are so refreshing and downright funny. Have a wonderful tour.

  • Thank you both. I call my hubby of 31 years (HH, aka Handsome Hubby (I’m 69 years young). We met two of our very good friends while traveling. Somehow they think my husband and I are fun! We don’t get it and presume they are talking about another couple. We’re just easy going. One thing that I’ve learned while traveling is that, for me, it’s important to get good rest while on a trip. I can’t burn the midnight oil at each end otherwise if catches up to me, and then I’m good for nothing.

  • milmil
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    kfnknfzk Thank you!
    Life is short, so why not enjoy it and have fun... I'm never serious, I inherited my dad's genes... who was not a clown, but he did laugh at everything. :))
    Plus, anything travel related is something I enjoy, I'm passionate about it & it comes easy to me... I love the process, the planning, the logistic it's just fascinating.

    OurTravels34 he is a keeper.... I love, real loves stories. I'll have one in my next life, that's if there isn't another Tauck :) , because in that case.... you know who will I pick. :)

    Hey I'm staying 2 xtra night , I'm doubling the chances...

    Have a great night everyone...

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    Wondering about luggage on this trip which I am taking in September. Does Tauck issue duffel bags to travelers? I know we have weight limitations and am wondering how to accommodate/prepare for them. Thanks for any insights into this issue. Really looking forward to this, my third safari and second Tauck tour. My trip leader on South Africa, an Elegant Adventure, told me this was his favorite of all the Tauck tours.

  • Yes, Tauck will issue duffel bags. Two reasons: size/weight and, more importantly, the duffel bags stow much easier in the small luggage compartment on the small aircraft used on tour. (the large orange bags belonged to our TD) You will live out of your duffel (and possibly small backpack from the time you leave Livingstone until the time you get to Cape Town.

    Our very capable ticket agent/baggage handler/flight attendant/pilot :D

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    In 2019, our luggage caught up with us at the Maun airport in Botswana before our flight to Cape Town. We had a chance to move a few things around or totally consolidate everything back into our suitcases.

  • Thanks mil and Alan!

  • Just returned from Wildlife Odyssey tour-2022 October 27 start date- It was terrific. Stayed at City Lodge at Johannesburg Airport for our overnight at the airport. It was excellent.Flew by Fast jet to Zimbabwe the next morning and was greeted upon arrival by Tauck sign. We were 12 in the group. Each accommodation was unique and spectacular. Morning and afternoon game drives. Luggage not an issue- there was flexibility where needed.Free laundry done at 3 places. Saw so much and our trackers were great.Helicopter ride in Capetown was awesome.

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    You might consider starting a new thread with a review. I’ve never seen this trip discussed here.

  • Seriously, why did someone flag Sealord’s post. Having Karen Schur put her comments in a thread of its own would be very useful for people trying to find information on the tour. They could then go directly to it vs having to dig inside an existing thread.

    Perhaps whoever did it meant to click the Like flag and hit the Flag by mistake. I know, wishful thinking.

  • this is beyond childish...and I get the hunch it's not coming from our usual flagger.

  • I see nothing wrong with Sealord's suggestion. The only thing I would add to help Karen is to suggest where to find the Wildlife Odyssey: South Africa, Botswana & Zimbabwe forum (which is buried under the Africa or South Africa categories) or add the link: https://forums.tauck.com/categories/wildlife-odyssey:-south-africa-botswana-zimbabwe

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