Vaccine Certificate with QR code?

Edited to add solution sent from Tauck:

Hello recent travelers!

For anyone who has complied with all US suggestions regarding vaccines and boosters, and received only a CDC paper vax card: How did you handle the requirement for K&T that you have a "vaccination certificate with QR code"?

It appears that only some states offer smart vax cards or digital passports. I live in a state (PA) that did not and am hoping I won't have to resort to testing.

Any advice is much appreciated!


  • You might try your health provider. Mine uses an app called mychart. From it I can print a qr code.

  • We live in PA, they do have Mychart. We use Pennmedicine and you can print it from there.

  • Ditto with My Vidant in NC.

  • North Carolina has the NC Covid-19 Vaccine Management System. No matter where you get your jab in NC, it is incorporated into this database. The information on our small card was difficult to read. This report has all the details on each jab and a QR Code. It's a wonderful system.

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    Thanks everyone. My doc nor my son's doc uses MyChart. And PA does not use VAMS. I can't imagine I'm the only person dealing with this - wondering how strict the QR code requirement is. And if the Airside app (from will suffice.

  • What about your pharmacy, did they do your vaccines? Can they help?

  • Exploring all options, including reaching out to the pharmacies.

    Curious if anyone went to Tanzania/Kenya with only a CDC card and no QR code?

    We have 4 people in our group from 4 different doctors, 3 different families and 2 different states.
    Wrangling QR codes is the last thing I want to be doing! :)

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    I am no expert at this, because I leave all this to my hubby, but when you apply for the visa, does it give you an option to scan your card for it, perhaps that gives you the QR code. Suggest sending a private message to SeaLord as I know he just got his visas back from applying on line. I only have experience of getting a QR code when we went to Costa Rica, we scanned and entered it into their requirements and it produced the QR code for us to show when we arrived, not our cards.
    Also, where do you live in PA? Haven’t you been to any of the hospitals there? Do you not have any Patient portals? Haven’t you been for mammograms and things like that, you should have digital records. I took my card to an appointment and they scanned and entered it into my records. When I got my booster recently, I just emailed one of my doctors nurses and she entered it into my records. I have PennMedicime records, Mychart and Mainline Health and they are all linked. Where did you get your shots! Unless they were all at mass vaccination sites, you should have records. We had our first two at mass vaccination sites, but the two boosters were at RiteAid. I do hope these things help you.
    I would not risk just going with a card and no QR code in case they deny you entry. Has anyone been to K and T yet, isn’t it still the wet season?

  • Where did you read that a QR code was necessary. We travelled in Europe and no one was using a QR code. All just wanted to see CDC card.

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    This is for K and T. All countries have different requirements, such as the US wanting return testing
    Shani, I’ve had time to look at the form you have to fill in. It is as I said earlier, you fill in the form, send it and then a QR code is sent to you.

  • @ shanirichardson - I am doing K & T in July. I do have paperwork with QR codes for Covid, but that said, I have some feedback for you. I don't see a QR code being a Tauck requirement, unless I have missed something - just a certificate, such as the CDC card. It seems to me your issue is on the African side, although thereto I don't see in the Tauck information any indication of a QR code. The suggestion from British that you will get a QR code for this purpose as part of the visa process is not correct - I have all my visas in hand and they don't ask anything related to Covid. Tanzania has had a pre-entry requirement to provide Covid information electronically (the Traveler's Health Surveillance Form) with a Unique Health Code provided after filling it out, but that was recently suspended while they retool it. When it comes back who knows - maybe before your travels or mine, maybe not. For Kenya, certainly for flying in they require Covid credentials to be provide in advance, electronically. I will be transiting through there, and so that may be applicable to me, and I am ready on that front. If you are first venturing into Kenya on tour, that crossing will be by land. I am not sure whether the electronic in advance applies. I don't think so, since I don't see anything in our docs or online indicating that. If I am wrong, please point to it. There are several ways to get electronic documents. For Kenya, as an example, when flying in that is coordinated via Global Haven (, which is a consortium organization that many African nations participate in. you can fill in your vaccination info (Brand, Lots numbers and administration date), and upload your passport and a copy of your vaccination proof. You then get a certificate that includes a QR code. Another possibility that might help you to get the QR code is You might also look at CLEAR, though I am unsure about acceptance abroad.

  • This is what I was reading where I saw a necessity for a QR code, I in error mentioned visa, I do apologize. Read to the end where it mentions the QR code for research. Anyway, I still don’t understand it.

  • There is nothing in my final travel documents about QR code for Kenya. I followed the link above and it appears to be for arriving by ‘air travel’. We arrive in Kenya via ground travel … safari vehicle. The health document required for Tanzania has ‘temporarily’ been suspended as of May !, because they are updating the document. They will advise when a new document is ready.

  • I've got it all sorted and am prepared to report back. Thank you all for your replies. :)

    It's Tanzania, not Kenya, that requires the QR code on your Vaccine Certificate. I verified this with my travel agent AND with a Tauck sales counselor.

    The process for States that do use QR codes is to go online and request a copy of your vaccine record through the state department of health. Virginie, for example, is amazing. Type in your name and DOB, within 7 seconds you have a digital copy of your vax record with a QR code to the states registry. Add it to your wallet (IOS) and you're done.

    States that do not use QR codes, like Pennsylvania, are different. Go to and enter your state - a menu of health systems come up. If you've ever seen a doctor at any of these hospitals or clinics, enter your info. MyChart pulls vaccine information from the state registry and attaches a QR code that is verified by that health system.

    Beware, as in 2 of the 4 cases in our traveling group, the vaccine record you receive may be wrong or incomplete. In that case, there is process by which you input your vaccine info manually and upload photos of your CDC card. Happily that process was painless and the issue corrected within 24 hours.

    You all are correct about the hold on the Tanzanian Health Questionnaire. But the QR code requirement seems to be real. And a Vaccine Certificate is NOT the same as the CDC card.

    Here is a link to the CDC site for info on your state's registry:

    And here is MyChart:

    Good luck! :)

    And sevenseas, are you going on the 7/20 trip?

  • @ shanirichardson We are before you and after Sealord, traveling on the 7/2 departure

  • This is all very informative. We are on the 8/20 K/T journey. I’ll look forward to the trip reports.

  • I have read the Tauck final documents, and I’ve been on Tanzania information sites, and I’ve seen no QR code requirement, but on your advice I got them through MyChart from the state of California. I actually had them previously, but the format has changed slightly. We have them on our phones, and iPads, and on paper. We had all of the shots from previous trips, but I have requested malaria pill prescriptions from our Doc.

  • I too don't see it anywhere in Tauck docs or websites. However multiple airlines flying into Tanzania do reference a certificate with QR among document requirements.

  • The following is lifted directly from the US Embassy website in Tanzania.

    Entry and Exit Requirements

    Are U.S. citizens permitted to enter? Yes
    Travelers are required to complete an online Health Surveillance Form (at for Tanzania mainland and at for Zanzibar) within 24 hours prior to arrival. Travelers will then receive a Unique Health Code (UHC), which they will present to health officials upon arrival. Please note that the Health Surveillance Form system for mainland Tanzania has been undergoing maintenance since May 1, 2022. Travelers to mainland Tanzania are not being asked for a Health Surveillance Form during this maintenance.
    Is a negative COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) required for entry? Yes
    Fully vaccinated travelers are exempt from testing requirements. Travelers will be required to present a valid vaccination certificate with QR code for verification upon arrival. Travelers without a QR code on their vaccination certificate should contact their healthcare provider or find more information from CDC on accessing a QR code here: Travelers may also be able to generate a QR code through services such as Global Haven:
    Travelers who are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated are required to present a negative COVID-19 test certificate with QR code upon arrival. The test must be a Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test or Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) collected at a nationally accredited/approved laboratory, with the sample collected within 72 hours of departure to Tanzania.
    Travelers in transit by air transport are exempt from both vaccination and COVID-19 test requirements unless required by their airline or their final destination countries.
    Children aged five years or younger are exempt from COVID-19 test requirements.
    Please see the “Travel Advisory #10” on the Tanzania Ministry of Health website for more information on entering mainland Tanzania: Please see “Travel Advisory #10” on the Zanzibar Ministry of Health website for more information on entering Zanzibar:

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    The CDC VAMS link isn't as helpful as it should be.

    Going through your state's registry from the link I sent or through MyChart is more accessible to more people.
    Either way, it's an evolving requirement and one that isn't yet as streamlined as it could be.

    Also, as I mentioned, it's good to do this early because my and my mother's records were incomplete in the registry. Only one of my shots was there and the date was recorded wrong. Only 2 of her 4 shots were recorded. Again, the process for updating your record is very easy - but you should give yourself time to make the corrections if needed. :)

  • "Travelers without a QR code on their vaccination certificate should contact their healthcare provider or find more information from CDC on accessing a QR code here: Travelers may also be able to generate a QR code through services such as Global Haven:"

    Yes, PamW, this info is there but MAN IS IT UNHELPFUL when 1. Your doctor tells you they have no clue about QR codes and 2. Your state (like mine) doesn't provide QR codes to access the registry. LOL What a ride this has been! :)

    It seems the US is singular in its resistance to QR codes for health info. I wonder how travelers will fare with just their CDC cards once they arrive in TZ?

    Anyway! Have a wonderful time everyone!

  • I just received an email from Tauck advising to get a vaccination record with a QR code, and that the Tanzania Health form is currently deactivated.

  • Yep! And they provided a universal way to do it. is easy - upload photos of your CDC card and ID and then add dates and lot numbers of your shots.

    And BOOM, certificate with QR code to add to your digital wallet!

  • Am I correct that New York’s Excelsior Pass Plus which has a QR code will satisfy the requirements?

  • Pete47_nyc,

    Based on feedback from my step-son (a resident of Brooklyn) who is in Europe now for a multi-city engagement, the NY Pass Plus worked just fine. Based on the two aforementioned posts, it appears that your vaccination record should be acceptable for your African destination as well. Hopefully either Sealord or shanirichardson will confirm this. Enjoy your trip.

  • If you read my K&T June 25 thread, the latest info from my TD is there including the modified link to the Kenya info document that will generate another QR code. Our TD said the California vax document with QR code might work OK, but having the one that they want would probably save time.

  • Just be sure you have a QR code that links to your vaccine certificate (there are COVID test QR codes, too) and that it's correct.

    There are many states with vaccine passports, mine isn't one of them.
    The links I posted above (CDC links to state registries, MyChart and GoGetDoc) will get you what you need.

    I googled NY PASS PLUS and it seems good to go!

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