Food-too many set menus

Just came back from Bellissima Northern Italy tour. Was great. Scott, our tour director was great. Only downside was the food. Was anticipating the food but it appears that Tauck is providing set menus even for dinner at the hotels. Set menus for lunch are expected but not for dinner at the hotels. Maybe only for the opening night and closing night but not during the tour. I have taken many Tauck tours and we always were able to go to the main dining room and order anything from the menus. The choices from the set menus were less than desirable. Still enjoyed the tour. It was to be a classic tour but there were only 17 of us, so we had a small tour.


  • Ddicarlo - Did you take any pictures of the ‘set dinner menu’ from any of the dinners that you could post? Would be interesting to see how limited the menus were.

  • Yes, could you give some examples of the choices.

  • On the Classic Italy Small Groups tour from earlier this month we were always given some choices on the included dinners. We didn't take many menu pictures but here is one.

  • Sign me up for that menu. I have been on land tours with Tauck where we were given a tailored menu vs the entire restaurant menu. Once last year on a tour there was a particularly expensive item on the menu that did not appear on ours. We were always given a reasonable choice of dishes.

  • Awesome, I’ll take one of everything!

  • JohnS - That menu seems diverse enough, unless that or a very similar menu was offered at every meal.

    ddicarlo - Were your menus on the Bellissima Northern Italy tour similar in nature?

  • sam - you know Italy is known for being an ABC tour. Another Blasted Cannoli.

  • Everything sounds delicious. This menu is great advertisement for the tour!

  • Smiling Sam
    JohnS - That menu seems diverse enough, unless that or a very similar menu was offered at every meal.

    Smiling Sam, we did get a bit tired of pasta everyday. :)

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