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  • 😀There is usually a Tent toilet set up at the breakfast

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    Approx 1.5 - 2 hr balloon flight- VERY early (t/o 6:30 am) in the morning when the winds are calm. After landing (8:03 am. vehicles waiting) you'll have an approx one hour game drive (9:00 am) then a champagne breakfast in the bush. There will be a field toilet* (tented porta-john) at the breakfast site. My times are based on time stamps from my 2015 K&T photos. If you can't make it, there is always the opportunity to "check the spare tire" (at the back of the safari vehicle).

    *See green box at left edge of photo:

  • Balloon ride was about 45 minutes. Champagne breakfast followed. I believe that a loo with a view (out house) was set up for the guests. Not luxurious but better than a tire.

  • @PamW I would love to hear how your trip was overall. Were the hotels nice? What about the food? Was anyone sick during the trip? If so, what did they do? How was your Tauck leader? I had not worried about any of these questions at all until today. There were some really negative Tauck trip reports on the Pavlus Tauck Facebook forum (not specifically about Africa). There are several posts about large numbers of ppl in their groups coming up with Covid. They say that the hotels they are forced to stay in if they come down with covid are $600/night. There are also posts abt Tauck's insurance being unresponsive. I've never had anything but the best from Tauck. I'd love to say these negative posts are just mean people. But, can you tell all of us how your trip went? Thank you!!

  • Please excuse my ‘butting in’, but you should not be concerned. There is no testing on K&T unless you cause it to happen. On our more recent trip, no one got sick, no one was tested, no one was quarantined. The hotels and camps are magnificent, the food is good but mostly not spectacular. The food at the Mt. Kenya Safari Club is really good in our opinion. We had one ‘special’ meal there, that was really ‘special’. “Expectations.” Try to manage your expectations. It is a great trip … it is not “perfect”. We have done it three times, and each time was quite different.

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