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Which of the hotels provide guest laundry service? The only information on the forum about this is pre-Covid so it may no longer be reliable. Can anyone provide current information?


  • I'm not sure Tauck has done any Australia tours post covid so maybe no one with current experience. If you don't get an answer you might try going to the website for each hotel and seeing if they list it. Most do and most are pretty good about listing it as an amenity.

  • When we went (pre-Covid), our TD directed us to a laundry very close to our hotel in Sydney. The prices were very reasonable and they did a good job. Not sure if the hotel is the same or if that laundry is still there.

  • When I need more than a few things sink washed I use the hotel address, the google "Nearby" button and search for laundromats near the hotel.

  • Claudia has the right answer. My experience with asking the hotel staff about laundromats near the hotel has not been good. They want you to use their expensive laundry service.

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    Most of the hotels have changed since we took this tour. One had a Laundromat you could use, we did, no clue where it was. Sydney, the hotel has definitely changed, prior to that, there was a laundry nearby but we did not use it.

  • Claudia, I did look at the hotel websites but none of them mentioned guest laundry service. Will check with the hotels directly and post whatever I find out.

  • I looked at the Sydney Intercontinental (since its midway on your tour and listed as the hotel on Tauck website) and you're right they don't tell you one way or another. However and trip advisor both say laundry service is available. I'd be highly amazed if a high end hotel somewhere like Sydney didn't.

    Good luck.

  • I don't think I've even been in a hotel that didn't offer laundry service. But the price can be quite high.

  • In Ireland RS (Rick Steves) TDs did our laundry on our free day in Dingle. Let's just say there were a lot of knickers exchanges sifting through the piles. 😃

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    When we took this tour in 2019, there was a self service laundry room available at the hotel near the Great Barrier Reef, which quite a few in the group used. Not sure if the current tour stays at the same place. We stayed at Silky Oaks Lodge.

  • After spending this money on the tour, I am not giving up time to do laundry...I will use whatever hotel we are in when we need it

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