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  • Tauck always knows how much time to allow for getting to the airport. Your TD will hand out your time one or two days before the end of the tour and where to meet your driver.

  • Jerry, Halifax wasn’t as much as an issue as Toronto was. Our flight left Halifax at two in the afternoon and we arrived in Toronto International obviously when several other planes were also arriving, and that in itself created a bottleneck at customs and at immigration. We had a two-and-a-half hour layover connecting to our Toronto flight once we landed. We got to our gate with a half hour to spare in Toronto. It took that long. I know people that left Halifax earlier in the day and arrived in Toronto earlier and because of that flew through customs and immigration without a hitch. Imagine that. There isn’t any sense to any of this.

  • Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

  • The reason that going through Toronto on your trip home can be time consuming is that you go through US customs and immigration in Toronto rather than in the US. Because of this you need to have a reasonable amount if time between connecting flights. While it's well marked, you need to walk a distance to get through US immigration.

  • Just a question as we are going through customs in Halifax on our way back to Philadelphia and then home to Arizona. Reverse of our trip to Halifax. Even though we had our plane changed and we are now in Philadelphia for 11 hours instead of 4.5. Fun time!!!!!!

  • I wish I would have flown via Philadelphia only to avoid Toronto. That being said, i predict you're luggage will arrive intact and on time instead of the luggage abyss in Toronto. Smart planning Jerry.

  • Philly airport and luggage…..always a nightmare. They manage to work at snail pace and destroy your luggage in the best of times. Hate our home airport

  • Thanks Judy. We get in to PHL at 11:51 pm and leave PHL at 11:50 am. Just found out they have something called Minute Suites which we are looking into. Basically you can get (read rent) a room for a specified period of time (your choice). The room has a day bed which has a bed under another so 2 people can sleep there. They apparently also just put in a shower so you can freshen up if you are there for an extended period (read 11 hours).

  • Any new and additional comments, experiences and insights? We are getting close for this first adventure in this area starting Aug. 26, 2022. Love to have more great sharing and wonderful tips. Thanks!!! Terry in Ohio

  • Terry let us know how things go as we are also on a small group about a month later. Jerry

  • I will be going in late September by myself. I will be arriving a day early. What are must sees that are not covered on the tour with Tauck? Also what restaurant would you recommend for my first day. I love raw oysters will they be available at Tauck meals?

  • flhamer-

    No "must sees", but Halifax is a pleasant city to spend time in. The Halifax Public Gardens are a charming Victorian park and definitely worth a visit. You should also walk along the waterfront. A footpath (mostly a boardwalk) extends from the Casino Nova Scotia in the north almost to the immigration museum in the south. There is a maritime museum there, but we didn't visit. There are many restaurants in the waterfront area, you can check them out on Google Maps. There's also a "food court" area with booths selling fast food. We walked further south to Point Pleasant Park. It's a lovely, wooded park with hiking trails and an 18th century stone military tower at the highest point. Grafton Street, behind the hotel, has many casual pubs that serve food.

    See my review of this trip for more information.

  • If you are by chance on the Sept. 25 tour, you will no doubt run into the weekend Seaport Farmers, crafts, music, etc. Enjoy!

  • Dine at the Bicycle Thief on the waterfront. You'll need a reservation even for lunch. We sat outside and it was a lovely experience. It was one of the best seafood meals including scallops, I've ever had. We walked there after the tour of the Immigration museum. I wish I would have dined there twice. The drinks were very good too. Enjoy.

  • In early September, we got back from our adventure in the Canada Maritime Provinces. Then, that area has been shut down totally due to the hurricane aftermath that knocked out their power,

    Did we have good weather and fun? Need proof and evidence?

    Below is a connection for a complete visual sharing via the Flickr website. Many scenic shots, great food, nice people, excellent weather, etc.

    On this photo website, there are complete details. Using this Flickr posting option for the first time. Reactions? Questions? Comments?

    Thanks!! Terry

    Just copy and paste into your computer this below web link to see ALL of the various visuals:[email protected]/albums/72177720302045257

  • We arrived a day early before our Tauck tour started. That allowed time for lunch at Bicycle Thief. Excellent food in a super location. Also did their art museum there, plus their interesting maritime museum. Great to walk along their scenic waterfront in Halifax. Thanks. Terry

  • TLCOhio

    Photos and FLICKR format are fantastic!! Some nice looking lobsta and scallops- how often did you partake of one or both? :D Canadien Maritimes is on our list!

  • Nearly every day, maybe even twice, I had some highly enjoyable seafood. Lots of lobsters, chowder, etc. Very, very good to have it so totally fresh and very well prepared. Didn't the pictures of the food prove it? Don't be shy with any other questions or reactions. Happy to share more.

    Halifax turned out to be an excellent city with so much fun and exciting things to see and do there. Glad we came in a day early and got a better sampling of its character and charm.

    Thanks!! Terry

    Just copy and paste into your computer this below web link to see ALL of the various visuals:[email protected]/albums/72177720302045257

  • One of the top, best highlight days was doing the Cabot's Trail. With Tauck, they rotate each day your seating location at the front of the bus. For Cabot's Trail, we had great luck being in the front, best seats for that one day as we traveled around this super scenic location.

    Our trip was a "small group" with a maximum of only 26 passengers. But two couples for our group scrubbed out earlier that week, leaving us with just 22 people. That made things much better for knowing the others in the tour group, plus getting off and back on the coach. Wonderful size.

    In looking at the visuals on Flickr, click this square box on top, right side to allow an overview for all of various pictures as you scroll down on your computer screen. Try this first. The middle top, right box allows seeing in a smaller size ALL of these various pictures and graphics as you scroll down. OR . . . click this left box allowing you to see ALL of these various pictures, largest in size, more slowly and/or individually. Click right arrow to speed up going through visuals quicker. Lots of visuals options with Flickr. It was nice and easy to put Goethe with Flickr. If needed, let me know any photography-related questions.

    Thanks. Terry in Columbus, Ohio

  • Fabulous pictures. It’s such an easy trip. It looks like I had the same meal at the Bicycle Thief. The seafood is simply delicious.

  • What a fantastic travelog of photos...we've looked at this tour and I think you just convinced me to take it. Thank you for sharing your trip...

  • Fantastic photos, thanks for sharing, will, have to consider this trip

  • Appreciate the kind comments and follow-up from Gladys in Orlando, Nancy and OurTravels34. Nice to see words such as "fantastic" and "fabulous". At Bicycle Thief, I had Risotto con Funghi with mussels, etc. The taste? It was "to die for" and totally out of this world and simply amazing!!! Does give a hint that I loved it? If you like seafood, this is a great location and tour. On the Flickr site, you can get a good sampling for the many and varied dishes we experienced. Keep up the great comments, questions, etc. Thanks. Terry

  • I had the scallops (the best ever) and a seafood pasta accompanied with a glass of wine and, of course, dessert. I’m a little piggy.

  • Happy Holidays!! We are now in Ohio, surviving the snow, cold, etc. Maybe? Earlier this past week, the London/UK Daily Mail had a very detailed travel profile on Nova Scotia with many pictures and highlights that should bring back wonderful memories from many locations we had enjoyed and experienced. Anyone have exciting adventures upcoming?
    See this Nova Scotia profile and visuals at:
    Their headline says:
    Super Nova Scotia: A 1,000-mile road trip through Canada's great outdoors offers an abundance of wildlife - and the best lobster in the world
    Here is just one visual featured in this article. It is of Halifax's famed and historic Citadel:

  • Nova Scoria was a very wonderful trip and, yes, excellent seafood.

  • Really wish we could have finished the tour.

  • Sorry for Jerry R that your September adventure got disrupted right as you were just starting. That storm really hit these areas hard and it took weeks to get electric back, etc., etc. We were fortunate with our timing and great weather in late August and early September. I assume that Tauck helped you get back and made things "right" with the financial/credit adjustments for the lost tour time. Happy to answer any and all questions from our touring of these fun and interesting areas. Don't be shy. Also, check out the various photos that have been linked above. Thanks. Terry in Ohio

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