Health Documents needed

I wish there was a way to label posts that answer frequent questions. TripAdvisor Forum has Top Questions that are easily located. I have just completed the Kenya health form which stated SUCCESS! and produced a QR code. I scanned the QR code but it did not take me to a web page. It took me to a page that said "did not match any documents." Thoughts anyone?


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    Does it matter? Has anyone had their QR code scanned upon arrival? You may not have access. The QR is nothing more than a graphical bookmark/URL. Something that immigration can supposedly scan which will take them to a file on their system with your data.

  • Just check your eVisas carefully. Make sure it has your picture and the proper dates. We had a flail because the Kenya system had re-issued our visas from 2018 … no picture and wrong dates. All the data I needed was in ‘the cloud’ and there was no WiFi at the Kenya entry point. I ultimately found my data on my iPad but had to buy a new visa for my wife. I had offered to buy two new visas to save time, but that was too easy. They would not let me waste the fifty-one dollars. I’m sure they thought they were being helpful.

  • Cheese enchiladas... , anyone! :0

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