2022 River Cruise Fiasco



  • Was able to sign up. Hoping to go on the SA trip next May.

  • Sorry British….I should have credited you with providing all the details. You made the process simple!! Just hoping we don’t need this added insurance!!

  • I believe at this point, vaxxed and boosted people choose to wear masks to protect themselves. Two and a half years into this thing, the days of doing it to "stop the spread" are not anything even the CDC pushes at this point. I think for most of us, the biggest fear about catching Covid is the inconvenience while traveling more than a fear of getting very sick or worse. That said, I am curious if those who feel strongly about masking choose to dine alone, or do you dine with others? Do you eat or drink on the bus rides?

  • CindyL, how lucky your experiences has been with Tauck. That was not the case with us in February, people just would not wear masks, the TD just about did his best, but people just ignored him. That was back when mask wearing was required by Tauck everywhere. That’s why we were annoyed and we were not the only ones. It made the Tauck pledge signing just ridiculous.
    Since then. We realized that now Tauck doesn’t require masking and does not even enforce it when in the National Parks require it, it was up to us to keep ourselves safe. As long as we mask up, we really don’t care what others do, it’s their problem and if they want hassle on an expensive tour, being kicked off the tour or whatever, so be it. Tauck don’t have the resources to help that much, you are on your own to sort things out and jump through hoops. Not my problem. If people drop out or whatever, it just makes it nicer for us. Less people! And I thank CathyandSteve for giving me this perspective of things,
    We try to be careful whenever we can. Example, if we were eating breakfast and someone asked to join us, we would say no. At this point, with so few people having the same views as us, we don’t care what they think about us, we are trying to have a great vacations on our terms, not anyone else’s. So far, we have remained Covid free this way.
    If we are drinking in a crowded place, we keep masks on and just sip a drink and recover our faces.
    It is only group dinners that are a problem, I’m not sure why Tauck doesn’t spread people out at them. It was the only suggestion I made on my comments.
    At dining any time. It’s easier to isolate if we want.
    We hope we can stay Covid free this way.

  • British
    . . . . If we are drinking in a crowded place, we keep masks on and just sip a drink and recover our faces.

    You need sippy cups and masks. :D:D:D

  • Be advised. The ship protocols have changed. On Windstar you still need to be tested before embarkation, but masks are not ‘required’ anywhere. So plan on wearing two masks.

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    There were three people on our tours who were double masked, and one was a nurse protecting her diabetic husband, They did not get Covid and had a great time. As far as I know, Princess is still requiring masks, no one takes notice and it is not enforced so it’s kinda useless, but keeps them off the hook I guess.
    I have no idea what Ponant’s requirements are for testing

  • We also did the Rhine and Moselle River Cruise in late May and early June. We were detained the last day due to Covid Positive status for flying (Thank Goodness that ridicules requirement has been lifted) At any rate we also had trip insurance with AON . Our status has been "Assigned to an agent" for the last 6 weeks. I decided to call Tauck last Friday and the agent asked for our reference and claim numbers and said that they would follow up. Monday night we received and email from AON stating that our case was closed, and checks were being sent out within two business days. Now granted we have not received the checks yet... but KUDO's to Tauck!

  • Update received checks from AON yesterday... one week after Tauck agent made one phone call!!

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    Masking? I haven’t been on the forum for a year due to diverticulitis but that’s now fixed. I can’t believe you guys are still talking about masking, that’s over, gone, done. What we need to worry about is no water in the rivers, assuming river cruising is your thing, of course.

  • S35flyer - What we need to worry about is no water in the rivers,

    Why worry about something you have no control over? Water levels are like the weather. You hope for the best.

  • If sustained, low water levels in Europe's rivers can have a catastrophic effect on the economy of not only several countries, especially Germany, but on the global economy as well. The rivers, not all, are a means for the transport of goods. The impact of global warming goes far beyond tourism.

  • We tested positive in Canada in Jun 2022.
    I was quite disappointed in Tauck, as I had to "hound" them to even confirm that we were authorized reimbursement (paid for insurance). We were finally reimbursed in September 3 months later.

    We have yet to receive insurance reimbursement from AON!! They are too busy!!

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