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  • I know, feeling lazy in the heat

  • British
    I know, feeling lazy in the heat

    You have a garage door opener, but no A/C? :)

  • Just wish they would cancel the Japan tours and let us make other plans for this year and next.

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    This was my problem in the early days of the Pandemic, I had a lot of tours booked, so couldn’t change to anything else until it was too late. I actually think that those people who traveled in 2021 got the best trips ever, few people and no Omicron variants to mar the tours.
    If I was you, and your Japan tour is October, I would cancel, I am a bit fed up of being a Guinea pig for new tours or first time back in a newly opened country

  • I did like cathyandsteve. I had a number of trips booked and just rolled them into the future. On Regent, I think I got a 25% $ bonus for rolling over, plus they credited me with the nights for Seven Seas Society for the cruise that they cancelled.

    With Tauck it was the 2020 Peru/Galapagos tour and we did that one in Sept of 2021. I had business class tickets on LATAM for 2020 and LATAM refunded my money - but we bought the same tickets on LATAM for 2021. Incidently, they're a good airline.


  • Every international airport has two codes. There is an IATA code used mostly by the airlines, and an ICAO code used mostly by the people who fly the airplanes. What you see on your ticket is normally ‘part’ of the IATA code. On the flight plan you will see the ICAO code. So how do you get ORD (KORD) out of Chicago … the airfield was originally called ‘Orchard’. How about KMCO (MCO) for Orlando. It was originally McCoy Air Force Base. etc. etc. etc.

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    Sealord - How'd they get JFK from Idlewild?
    And everyone calls Denver International Airport DIA. So why is the symbol DEN?

  • When it was Idlewild it was IDL. I had to look up when they renamed it. Per Wikipedia in Dec 1963 a month after the assassination. Was living in DC when National for renamed Reagan. I still have trouble with the name change although Lord knows it's a much improved airport these days from the first time I flew in in the 80s.

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    Do you want to guess what the IATA code was for the old Hellinikon airfield (and former USAF base)? Yes, it gets very hot there in the summer but the IATA code was not H_LL :D:D

    The IATA code was ATH which is now used for the current Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport. Hellenikon is located just a little southeast of Piraeus in the resort area of Glyfada. It was the site of various venues (canoe/kayak slalom, field hockey, baseball, and softball, etc. during the 2004 Summer Olympics but the stadiums, etc. are abandoned and mostly demolished.

  • If you have insurance and cancel, you don’t loose any money. Originally, Tauck were giving generous amounts of money to rebook. Right now, many tours for next year are getting full.
    My Japan tour for 2023 has a wait list because the 2022 tour was cancelled and those people tried to get on the 2023 tour. We booked 2023 as soon as our 2021 was cancelled. Japan remains cautious to reopen much. Their airlines will only allow a certain number of foreigners to even book flights.

  • Just heard from our TA that the October 17th trip is cancelled. Oh well.

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    Yes, I just saw they cancelled all remaining 2022 tours.. I am not surprised. Hope you have been able to find a spot on 2023 tours!

  • Thanks for all the information and discussion in this blog. It helped me to “double” book a trip so now that all Japan trips have been cancelled, I still have a trip this fall.

  • Janrose, you can’t mean this fall, all tours for the rest of the year are canceled

  • Hopefully Japan in 2023, Portugal and Spain this fall.

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