Remedy for problem encountered on tour

Newly returned from K & T, we had something occur on tour that I wonder what you all think should be the remedy, if any. I say upfront that I understand that mistakes happen, but we also pay good money for our tour. When we arrived at Ngorongoro lodge, our TD handed out keys to all guests, only to discover there was no room key for my wife and I. And the lodge was fully sold out. Ultimately we had to spend the first night in the "manager's house" and then we switched for the second night. The "manager's house" was not attached to the losfw, required escort, and also did not have the view or the setup and decor of a normal room. It seemed to be a catchall space for all variety of purposes, and where our TD was originally intended to sleep. As to why it happened, it may relate to our being cleared onto the tour only two weeks before departure, since we had to cancel and reschedule our original tour due to a host of flight problems. The TD says no, and something happened on the hotel end, and that his list to the hotel was correct. I am not sure, since when our tour started, at the Gran Melia there was not a packet waiting for us, and I had to request the TD come down and get us setup with a pa cket. He had not noticed a new couple on the tour, since a prior couple dropped out, and the head count was the same as he had when he left packets in advance two weeks prior. Our TD did file an incident report with Tauck. What would you think is an appropriate remedy (if there should be anything) and would you start by having your travel agent take this up with Tauck? The incident did not diminish a great trip, I am happy to say.


  • As a gesture of good will, I would think Tauck would give you a substantial voucher towards a future trip. Glad to hear the rest of the trip went smoothly. I will be there in October. Really looking forward to it.

  • While it is not clear at all who is at “fault’ if you booked through a travel agent, then they are the ones you have the contract with.
    Also, who was your Tour director? I can’t believe he did not notice the difference in names on your baggage, when he had to come down to give you your package and when he organized which vehicles you were going to travel with.. In fact, the checks of who was who before you arrived In Ngorongoro
    It is quite alarming that there is a possibly he did not know who was present on the tour. Also, at the Welcome dinner or meeting where you introduce yourselves.
    The lack of a room might be a whole new or added issue.
    I can’t believe it was one of the experienced tour directors make an error like mistake you for another couple. After all, that tour does not have a huge number of people on it even when full.
    Maybe Tauck did not get the new info to the Ngorongoro lodge. Maybe the lodge allocated rooms well before your two week change.
    In my opinion, I think this is at least two different mistakes. Oooh do keep us updated. But so glad you enjoyed the tour!

  • @ British - My not having a package was noticed by me before the tour started. We were at the Gran Melia two days early and the day before the start I asked for my package at the front desk and they had none. That is when I asked to get in contact with the TD. I am not sure when he would have noticed the change in the roster as against what he had seen previously, but he became informed by us the day before the Welcome dinner, and we were on the distributed guest list, etc.... The packages were left in advance, as many TD's do, before heading out on a prior tour. Often the TD's are working on the current and a future tour at the same time. The problem is that the list changed. from his prior, though the count had not, so he had not noticed, and Tauck apparently does not give a heads up of recent changes, even knowing how some of their TD's work on a future tour some time in advance.

  • Then it is the lodge that was at fault

  • Could it have been a VIP who was given your room- company big wig, a celebrity, incognito politico? Did you see any men wearing dark glasses, with curly wires running to there ears, and talking to their sleeves? 😎

    The hotel in Athens lost our TD package- concierge blamed front desk and vice versa.

  • to be honest, mistakes happen.. But the TD should have giving you his room. The TD is not on vac.- he/she have seen the place several times, they are not there for the view , they are working.. make your Client happy .

  • They did get the TD’s room, they said so.
    I wonder where he slept.
    On a receipt tour our TD gave us his room when our A/C was broken. We had no idea he had done that until the next day, he had to sleep in the hot room

  • I did get the TD's intended room, which as I noted was not on a par with what guest rooms are. With no space available, the TD was given the spa massage room, with a twin bed to sleep on thrown into the room.

  • State your case to Tauck and they will take care of you. That should end this discussion.

  • Sevenseas. Again, What I am still not clear about is this. If you book the tour with Your travel agent, do you have to go through the agent or can you call Tauck? Wonder if they will give you the price of the room back?

  • Ahh, finally explained! So all the Travel agent does is book the trip for you. Any problems, you go through Tauck

  • Circling back to close this out and fill everyone in. My TA handled the inquiry, and it took about a week to get a response back. Tauck is refunding us the cost of the hotel room for the night we had to sleep in lesser accommodations. It is not a Tauck credit for future travel but rather a credit back to my charge card. We found this to be fair and reasonable.

  • Our Tavel agent books the trip and handles ALL the other issues. No waiting 30 minutes or more on the phone or days for an email reply. Granted, I’ve never had to contact her at 3:00am.There is also no reason that Tauck won’t assist in the event we can’t reach her. After all, despite using a TA, we’ve still paid Tauck $20K+ for the trip. It’s two teams at no extra cost to us.

  • Some might say it is two teams who do not always communicate with each other. The Points guy even had a piece on this last week

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