Rhine Enchantment: August 24, 2022

We have just received an email from Tauck concerning the river levels. We are encouraged to expect the unexpected, and embrace the adventure. “and away we go!”



  • That's the spirit! Have a wonderful adventure.

  • We are going Sept 7th ..I was thinking of this the other day. I think our last river cruise was in June. oh well.. It will be an adventure for sure!!

  • There is a 90% chance of rain on the Rhine for the next forty-eight hours. Hopefully, this will improve things.

  • Something odd about this thread. There are a ‘total’ of eleven likes, but it has only been ‘viewed’ once.

  • Sealord - I think Tauck is aware of the issue.

    One explanation is every time you get a Like or LOL the View count is reset. So if you want the View count to grow you have to make less popular posts. 😂

  • Many of us are here at the Sofitel. Tomorrow is day one … breakfast, meet with three assistant tour directors, and our own visit to the Anne Frank museum. We go to the ship at three, where we will meet the TD. Six of us dined at “the Pantry”, a good ‘local’ restaurant.

  • Looks like Amsterdam is on the warm side. Your lovely wife proves how easy it is to pack light and be fashionable at the same time!

  • edited August 2022

    Crusing the Rhine to Dusseldorf where we arrive this morning. On schedule and on itinerary. Tomorrow at five am we will pass the “Bridge at Remagan”. I plan to get up to see what I can see … the bridge is gone but pylons remain.

  • Can you tell me where the river boats dock in Dusseldorf? Is it along the Alltsadt waterfront (Rheinpromenadeon) on the east bank of the Rhine, north and south of the Oberkasselerbrücke or somewhere else?

    The XMAS Mkts cruises start and end in Dusseldorf now instead of Köln and I want to see how far the train station is from the area where boats dock. Danke.

    The boat obviously has enough water under the keel (if it had a keel :D ) but has the captain said how many cm to spare?

  • Alan: They call it Düsseldorf beach … the bottom of the stairs in front of an old tower in the center of town. No mention of the water depth other than no current problem. Around here the cargo and tanker barges are transiting with no problem. I think this boat has a bad propeller or shaft or pod, whatever they are using. No mention of that either but the ship is running a little late, and I can see high power on the starboard side, and lower power on the port, and a noticeable vibration. Wine glasses should not have white caps. (;-)

  • Thanks.

    If this is the place, then we should expect to dock close to the old Schlossturm (palace tower) which is now the the location of the Schiffahrtsmuseum (maritime museum)? Probably even more likely during winter when far fewer boats are working the river.

  • AlanS - That is pretty much where we docked on our 2019 Rhine Enchantment.

  • Sealord...are you traveling on the Ms Grace? We depart on the same cruise on September 7 on the Ms Grace. Just want to prep ourselves for wine glass white caps! But then...wine glasses are always acceptable...white caps or not! Thanks for the updates...now my history buff husband is diving into everything about the Bridge at Regmagen! Weather holding up for you? -Gene

    1. We are on the Grace headed for Wiesbaden Got up at four thirty to see the Bridge at the advertised five am, and at four forty five we had already passed it … communication is important. Cloudy today looking at castles during a day of cruising.
  • Warning to guests on the MS Grace: Passenger Sealord got up this morning before the roosters crowed and didn't get to see what he wanted to due to staff miscommunication. We suggest avoiding Sealord for a few hours unless you come equipped with a drink to offer him. :D

    Sorry you missed the bridge. Hopefully you saw the greatest sunrise you've ever seen to help compensate for missing the bridge.

  • Yup … having been a Naval Officer and a Naval Aviator, I can assure you it is not a matter of brain surgery to not arrive ahead of schedule. But, let’s beat up ‘how to dress’. So while in the hot tub I asked our TD what the dress was for our dinner in the palace tonight. The answer is: “Dress Up!”

  • Sealord, too bad about the bridge - especially after getting up so early. Our Rhine/Moselle cruise several years ago did stop in Remagen. Not much to see re the bridge but the little Peace Museum was interesting. Not much in the town to see - especially as it was a Sun in Oct. They've since taken this stop off the itinerary.

    I wonder if the TD is getting as tired of the "how much should I dress up" question as some of us.

  • We have found on recent tours that the Tour Director addresses what to wear suggestions on the day about any evening events. On our recent Tauck Alaska cruise, our TD told us one day that the evening was a dress up one, but it wasn’t. The next day he apologized profusely since most people on our tour were not dress up People. That might be the night that strangers we walked past at a bar stopped us and told us what a lovely couple we looked 😇

  • Wow! That's a "dressier" group than I've seen in many years. You all look lovely.

  • A beautiful setting...in many ways!

  • Nice looking group, also the dressiest I've seen in a very long time.

  • Just got back from this trip Milan to Amsterdam and it was just meh. Our France trips were much better, food and all.

  • MarketArt: my father taught me “what people think of you is none of your business”. I finally understand that at age almost 70.

  • Advanced age narcissism is a wonderful thing. (;-). We went to Heidelberg Castle yesterday. The trip down to town on the 90 second tram ride was our first and only ‘mask-up’ experience so far. Today we are in France currently in a lock, but do to depart the boat at eight or so.

  • Wow, I swear that is more crowded than when we were there in 2019, yes people are traveling again!

  • Thanks for the informative pics and notes. We are going on the Sept. 7 tour and it's nice to see and hear feedback.

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