Rhine Enchantment: August 24, 2022



  • Sealord...Do you hear any talk among the tour guides about hardships coming to Germany this winter? I'd be interested in what they might have to say. Thanks!!!

  • Great pictures Sealord have fun

  • Great pics and comments. We are going on the 7Sept Romantic Rhine on the Inspire. Can’t wait to see it all for ourselves! Go Navy, Sealord- my husband is retired as well.

  • The French sculptor, Bartholdi, from Colmar designed the Statue of Liberty. It's a well-known fact for New Yorkers and was at one time taught in schools there.

  • He also designed every statue in Colmar except the one of himself. Did not hear anything about the winter in Germany from the guides.

  • The ‘hardships’ is the fact that Germany relies on gas supplies from Russia more than any other countries, so the government is already making restrictions so that a stock pile builds up to help cover the winter months. It’s going to be the same all over Europe. My British friends tell me their household power bills are going to skyrocket. The government is going to be giving money handouts to those on lower incomes. Let’s hope it’s not a cold winter for them.

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    Don’t want ‘global warming’ but now want a warm winter? (;-)

    By the way, the price of gasoline in Germany is lower than the price of gasoline around San Francisco. Go figure.

  • Sealord , Good to know that you are headed to Basel. We are on an October Rhine Enchantment tour from Milan and will be boarding the Grace in Basel. Will be watching to see if water levels remain OK. Looking forward to your reports, including Milan

  • Sealord...Thank you so much for this. Seeing your photos brings back many memories of past trips and--as it always does--gets me excited about our upcoming journey. Stay safe on the rest of your trip! Have a pastry on me.

  • The monument in your photo looks like a stylized Bomark. Remember those? :D

  • Thank you ever so for your running commentary on this particular trip. We embark on the same cruise in Amsterdam on the 7th. Thrilled to be traveling again! We are doing a back to back month in Europe...The Rhine Enchantment then Milan to Venice for Venice/Florence/Rome land tour. Safe travels home and...again, thank you! And, oh yes...GO NAVY! Gene

  • The rain in Lugano went away before we got there. One side of the tunnel was rain. The other side was bright sunshine.

    Hotel Principe at breakfast.

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    Today we did our final trip. We went to Lake Como. It is a beautiful place. We did see George Gooney’s … sorry … Cloony’s three homes on the water front. Had a large late lunch before our large farewell dinner … I ate maybe half of each. Great trip.

  • So you have Cov a cold? :o

  • Yep, that’s Covid. I was in our study yesterday while my hubby was talking to a colleague who just came back from the Tauck Danube and that’s what they had, sniffles and they tested positive. Lucky you, you got off lightly.

  • Sealord's recent reference to his "cold" seems to have vanished.

  • Thank you all for your nice comments. I got a few thank you’s from a few of our companions who ‘outed’ me on the trip. “Are you Sealord?”. I didn’t get any ‘flags’.

  • Sealord, I have always enjoyed your posts but enjoyed this trip in particular since we going Oct 15. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. A couple questions --
    Did you stay in Basel or go to Zurich?
    Were there any restaurants you would recommend in Milan? It looks like there are two nights where we are on our own for dinner.

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    I’ve searched and searched but cannot find the sign of the restaurant we ate in in Milan. I did find pics of food. where we ate lunch in the Galleria
    How about all those shaved truffles!

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    Birder49: We ate at Amami Pizza for the first dinner out, and we also had lunch there … so I guess we liked it. We also ate the second night at Imbarco 10, which is at 10 Marco Polo which is the first street to the right of the hotel as you are walking out. Amami is farther down Marco Polo a couple blocks. Both are close. We liked both choices. Imbarco 10 will require reservations, and we also got reservations for Amami through the concierge. Imbarco 10 is a fish restaurant. Highly rated on TripAdvisor.

    We took the day off at Basel … took a walk to the ‘spike’ pictured on my thread. We both had been to Zurich a number of times, and we were a bit tired. Some people were envious when they came back and found us lounging near the hot tub with a glass of champagne.

  • Sealord, Thanks for the dinner suggestions. I like the idea of dinners close to the hotel. That is interesting that you skipped Zurich. I am not usually a fan of huge cities but felt that since we have been to Basel for Christmas Markets we "should" do Zurich. Now I wont feel guilty if we skip. Laying around the hottub with champagne sounds wonderful!

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