Rhine Enchantment: August 24, 2022



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    We chose Zurich and enjoyed it on our tour. The river cruise, our only one so far, is so much more laid back than a land tour, we didn’t feel the need to skip any of the tours, we wanted to be off the ship. There is no right way to approach a trip of this nature.

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    We chose Zurich. Had a brief walking tour. Then a group lunch in an old building. Had to climb to third floor but not hard and the food was good. Very boring lecture by a banker (who else in Zurich?). Walked around the downtown area in the rain and spent some time in the church seeing the magnificent Chagal stained glass windows, British is correct, there is no “wrong” way to approach a trip of this nature.

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    It is a bubbless hot tub. Just hot water.

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    Sealord, you must be the official historian of the Enchantment of the Rhine trip in August. Its been fun to read your comments & see your photos in anticipation of our trip in Oct.

    My husband and I will be on the MS Grace out of Amsterdam on Oct 19th. We arrive in Amsterdam on Oct 17th. Anyone else on this thread going on that trip as well? We’re looking into a private tour outside the city on Tues, Oct 18th and would love to connect with some fellow Tauck travelers to share.

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    edited September 2022

    I completely understand British and AlanS approach to ‘boat’ tours. They want to fill every moment with new discoveries. I enjoy a few hours per day of new discoveries, and a lot of laid back relaxing. Africa and Antarctica are different … wall to wall discoveries are the plan of the day. This tour would allow British and Alan ample opportunity to add more personal touring. Our tour of the Anne Frank house/museum was a personal add on not included in the Tauck tour, and it was well worth the time. You need to book it at least a month in advance.

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    I don't have anything against boat tours per se (even though I did a lot of mandatory "cruising with "my Uncle" when I was younger. We've done P&G, Blue Danube, Treasures of the Aegean, and hopefully will finally make our third attempt at XMAS Mkts on the Rhine this year. But, I do like to fill up the days when and if possible, but it is nearly impossible on a 'boat' tour and can even be difficult on land tours.

    We don't do the extras to do them or fill the time. We wear out just like everyone except the younger crowd. But, as everyone knows many or most Tauck tours only scratch the surface and who knows if we will ever have the time or health to "pass this way again." to paraphrase Seals and Crofts, :) Our health and funds are not unlimited! :o

    I'm not adverse to chilling out (or even taking a nap :o ) but it is not my preference unless there is nothing else to do. We are not lounge or spa people, and we are anything but night people.

    I think the only Tauck tour where we didn't add on activities, but not for want of trying, was this year's Treasures of the Aegean- our airline denied us the pre-tour opportunity to go on a planned pre-tour excursion to Delphi and see more of Athens.

    We usually don't go more than two days early and rarely extend at the end, so we try to get as much out of a tour as possible. I think the two tours where we did the most extra pre and on-tour activities were were Classic Italy and Jordan & Egypt. Of course, for J&E we had nearly 3 years to plan and refine our plan!

    People approach travel in many different ways.

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    Sealord, thank you for your commentary and photos! We will be going on this same river cruise in Aug 2023 and you answered many of my questions. I still am a bit worried about what water levels will be in August 2023, but fingers crossed our experience will mirror yours and water levels will be fine! Thanks again!

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    My only question is should we be going from Amsterdam to Milan or the reverse from Milan to Amsterdam for mid-August departure? Any advise anyone about this? Thank yu!

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    We did Milan to Amsterdam when we took the tour. Do you have to go in August, it’s the busiest time in Europe.

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    Great pics & comments.
    Little concerned on the water levels for Rhine Enhancement departing Amsterdam Oct 19.
    Weather anyone???

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