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  • Yes, we always get all air miles. We even got miles for a short extra flight in Alaska when the itinerary was changed. But we very rarely use Delta, so maybe they have different rules.

  • Were you getting points thru AMEX or the airlines?

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    If Tauck books the flights, we don’t get Amex air miles. One of the reasons we started to book our own flights was because Amex platinum gives 5 times points if you book flights with them

    By the way, here is what Tauck says about air changes if you book flights with them

    • We provide personal assistance in the event of an unexpected travel disruption or airline scheduling changes

  • This is what it says about air miles on the Tauck FAQ

    What are the advantages of booking my air arrangements with Tauck?

    Tauck makes it easy to enjoy seamless travel from the moment you book your journey. Ask us to check into the best flights for your journey if your travels originate in the United States to Alaska, Hawaii, and destinations outside of the U.S. (except Canada). Flights are subject to availability. We have partnered with leading domestic and international airlines to bring you to these destinations, and can often offer you significant savings on your airfare. And while purchasing your air through Tauck takes the hassle out of booking it yourself, it also offers you several advantages available only with Tauck:

    Airline transfers to and from your hotel are often included
    Earn Frequent Flyer mileage on most airlines
    Benefit from Tauck's lenient change and refund policies
    Reserve your flights in advance; pay later when tickets are issued
    Enjoy significant savings on Business Class airfare on select flights

  • The points may be on a hotel by hotel & airlines basis. When I arrive on tour, I always provide my hotel membership number at check-in and it is added to my reservation. At the Mena House in Egypt and the Waldorf Astoria in Israel, I received points, offers to upgrade my room and complimentary bottles of wines and fruit & cheese trays. The Mena house upgrade was a suite; however, it did not have a view of the Pyramids, therefore, I declined. When I returned to my room, there were 2 bottles of wine, cheese, fruits and chocolates. The Waldorf also allowed a very late check-out.

  • "Airline transfers to and from your hotel are OFTEN included?" Unless policy has changed, Tauck has always picked me up at the airport & I almost always make my own reservations. I love the research and often have complex itineraries, combining one-ways, using multiple airlines, etc. to avoid certain airports and early a.m. departures, stopping en route, etc. I've traveled quite a bit independently and planning is part of the thrill.

  • Since we’ve strayed from the OP’s question onto booking air with Tauck I’ll weigh in with my first experience. I start looking for air very far out and use Google Flights and Skyscanner. For our upcoming Spain tour I had enough United miles for premium economy so I booked. Well, a few months later an equipment change so our 2-5-2 turned into a 3-4-3 and we did not want to share a row. I got the miles back and decided to go for business class and follow price. A flight on Delta with one connection each way in Atlanta popped up and the price was right. I called Tauck Air and showed them the flights on Delta’s website. They could not book it as the representative said it was not in “their” system. She told me that could take as long as 30 days. I was not willing to lose the price or the seats so I booked it myself.

  • It seems to depend on the agent you get. When we started touring with Tauck, we let them book the air. We soon realized their routes were not the best so started booking them ourselves. Once Covid kicked in, we were more cautious about booking our own because we did not want to deal with trying to get money back or getting vouchers. Our upcoming tours consist of some booked with Tauck and some on our own.

    The piece I quote from Tauck above, I also thought it was weird about airport transfers, but maybe it is to do with if you don’t pre stay in a Tauck hotel. Recently they have been more accommodating about that.

    And what is classed as ‘exotic’ is a mystery, our upcoming tour, Singapore Bali, you can’t get more exotic than that and yet we did not have to pay upfront for our flights. Same with upcoming Israel and Jordan, did not have to pay upfront either.

  • Folsomdoc, please writing a review here when you get back, thank you!

  • **British **- The pay up front for 'Exotic' trips is a new policy. Perhaps you got in under the wire before the new policy kicks in for all Exotic tours. Both of the tours you mention, Singapore/Bali and Israel/Jordan both show up when you search the Tauck website for Exotic.

    The only regions that don't show up when you search for Exotic are Europe and North America. Everywhere else in the world is found when you search using Exotic.

  • Interesting! Tauck sure is changing!

  • British, did Tauck agree to book Qatar for you for Singapore/Bali? I know that’s your airline of choice and I thought I read where you were flying with them. We are looking at our May 2023 and I’m pretty sure that isn’t currently one of their contracts being offered for that trip. I may have to revisit that question.

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    Yes, Tauck booked our flights and they are on Qatar, hurray!

    Tauck have contracts with different airlines depending on the times the tours begin and end. I think it mentions that in my extracts above. These times might vary each year. If you arrive a day early, it doesn’t matter if it is too late for the Welcome dinner, but Tauck has to be assured that people who arrive on the same day the tour begins will arrive at the hotel in time to get situated and make the Welcome dinner…, same at the end of the tour too. I’m pretty sure that the generosity of the gift of time is partly to get people to the right place early and then it’s a lot less hassle for the tour directors.

  • Good for you…I’m going to look again. Looking at Singapore Air and they can’t book them.

  • Nancy - When I looked at flight possibilities for the Singapore/Bali tour it seemed like Philippines Air was the cheapest option. Of course their flights all have stops in Manilla.

  • Nancy—I flew Singapore Airlines for my visit to Singapore—they were absolutely fantastic! I wouldn’t hesitate to fly with them again.

  • Thank you for all the suggestions. The nonstop from SFO to Singapore on Singapore Air is very appealing. Return to LAX…is great too. We live in TX but going to either of those airports is not hard. Still researching…

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    Singapore AL has one of the highest reps and fanciest business cabins.

  • We flew Singapore airlines about 30 years ago, Economy, and even that was fantastic. The flight attendants were constantly coming round with water and checking on you. Their colorful uniforms were lovely.

  • Singapore airlines sounds terrific, but you pay for that comfort and service compared to some other options.

    If you do fly Singapore airlines you can feel comfortable in knowing that everyone else in Business class with you will also be millionaires. :D:D

  • Has anyone flown Iberia Airlines Business Class in the past three months from the States to Madrid? How was the food, service and equipment?

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