Chase Sapphire Reserve and PIN in Europe?

My daughter is currently in Europe and told me that when she went to buy a train ticket at a kiosk, using her Sapphire Reserve card, it asked for a PIN and there was no way to bypass that. I've never experienced a PIN request with mine. Anyone have that experience and is there a solution? Her solution was to use Apple Pay :)


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    BKMD - Just sent you a PM on this subject.

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    I saw something about the pin on that card, which I also have. If I recall, they said the pin is not needed. I don't remember whether you could just enter anything, or nothing, but there was a way to get around it.

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    According to the card rules, vendors must always accept the card with a signature. These days you can just "tap to pay" at most places in Europe. I have seen train station kiosks that require a PIN. When that happened to me, I stood in the ticket line with a human seller. Generally, I've had no problem with this, but there was one time in Amsterdam many years ago that an ignorant ticket agent wouldn't sell me a train ticket without a PIN.

    Call Chase at the number on the back of your card, if you want to get a PIN for your card. I believe that the PIN is intended for ATM cash advances, but it may work for transactions in Europe, as well. Ask Chase to be sure.

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    This is what I sent BKMD in the PM. I wasn't going to post here, but since there has been a couple of comments I will go ahead and post. This information was copied from the web.

    Chase Sapphire Reserve® is not a chip and PIN card, it’s a chip and signature card. When it’s time to pay, you’ll have to insert your card into the machine (or sometimes swipe it), and then you may be asked to sign the touchpad or receipt to confirm the transaction. But you can still use Chase Sapphire Reserve most places that accept credit cards around the world, including most terminals equipped to accept chip and PIN cards. Chip and PIN is common in a lot of countries, like pretty much all of Europe, Mexico, Canada, South America and Asia. And Chase says Sapphire Reserve cards will work fine there.

    Here’s how to use Chase Sapphire Reserve with chip and PIN terminals:
    U.S. terminals often require only a swipe or chip insertion. And if they ask for further verification, it’s typically a signature, not a PIN.

    If you encounter a merchant who asks for a PIN, Chase says to tell them your card doesn’t need one.

    If an unmanned kiosk asks for a PIN, you should be able to bypass it by pressing “Cancel,” “Enter” or “Continue.”

    If the merchant or terminal really won’t take your card without a PIN, you may have to just pay in cash or use an alternate card.

    It’s also good to note that if you’ve been a Sapphire Reserve cardholder for a long time, you could have an older version of the card that only has a magnetic stripe. If you request a replacement card, the new one will come with a chip. You can request a new card by calling Chase customer service at 1-800-935-9935 or by logging in to your online account.

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    And as I PMed back to Sam, my daughter tried both ENTER and CANCEL and neither worked at a train ticket kiosk in Copenhagen. Her solution was using Apple Pay.

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    BKMD - I am sending you a private message regarding the card issue in Kobenhavn.

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    Got it. Thanks.

    I called Chase and the agent pretty much echoed what Sam posted. She said, "this is a chip and signature card, not a chip and PIN card. If swiping, inserting chip, and tapping don't work without a PIN, you need to have a backup payment plan."

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    We have different cards from different accounts in case of problems like this or if one of us loses our wallet in spite of being very careful.

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    I was under the impossible that BKMD’s daughters was trying to use a ticket machine just wanted a PIN and it could not be bypassed. In that case, she would have to go to a regular kiosk and say it was an American card and there should be no problem. I’ve done this in the smallest stores without problems for several years.

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    Yes, British, that is correct. However, my daughter is a millennial and tries to accomplish all tasks without human interaction on the other side. I've been on her case for a couple years about getting her work investment account (stock options, RSUs, etc.) accessible online, rather than paper statement, for when tax time comes around (I do her taxes with Turbotax), and she refuses to call HR. The phrase "call HR" has become a running joke and my standard reply now whenever she has some administrative problem to deal with.

    Claudia - I carry 2 CCs, too, ever since my primary CC was denied for a $10 car wash a mile from home :) Chase was unable to explain that one (and no PIN required).

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