anyone on the Kenya, Tanzania classic October 8, 2022

anyone going on the Kenya Tanzania tour October 8 ?


  • Hi - yes, my husband and I, along with another couple are on that trip. We’re from The Minneapolis area. We are really excited. Some friends of ours took this same tour a few years ago, and said it was the best vacation of their lives, and they travel extensively.

  • MJHaanen great to hear that, my husband and I are looking forward to meeting you all

  • The insurance Tauck uses AON is terrible. We had a accident on the hot air balloon and they reimbursed very few $ and it took 5 months to get that. Also the balloon ride is very dangerous, but they don’t tell you that. Also Tauck subcontracts the balloon ride so they aren’t responsible for anything that happens on it.

  • vjbrandhuber
    . . . Also the balloon ride is very dangerous, but they don’t tell you that. . . .

    Sorry you had a mishap and problems with Aon. We have had nothing but good service from them when a member of our family got sick and we had to cancel a tour.

    Tauck doesn't tell you the balloon ride is "very dangerous" because it is not! If it were "very dangerous," Tauck wouldn't offer it, and certainly not have offered it on this and other tours for the past 15 (20+) years. The fact you must sign a waiver should have been a hint that it is more than a walk in the park. Additionally, if it were "very dangerous" you wouldn't see balloon festivals around the US and other places around the world like over Luxor, Egypt; Capadoccia, Turkey, etc.

    From the K&T tour itinerary:

    "Ballooning over the plains of the Masai Mara

    Today – the last full day of your safari adventure – will be one that you'll always remember, as you arise before dawn to board a hot air balloon ( * ) and float over the Masai Mara's awakening . . . . "

    In the payment details:

    "Note: Activities marked with an asterisk ( * ) are at your own risk; a signed liability waiver will be required."

    I am a pilot and retired Naval Flight Officer. Neither I, nor my wife, ever felt unsafe during our balloon ride and would do it again.

    Balloons over Luxor:

  • This is so inaccurate, you sign a waiver to take the balloon ride and certain other activities. No tour company like Tauck ‘owns’ balloons. They use the best balloon pilots out there. They don’t own the safari vehicles either and that is not unusual these days.
    May I ask what was the nature of your accident? Was it something that just happened to you, or was everyone on your balloon impacted?
    Yes, insurance companies can be difficult to work with. Delay in payments for travel related incidents are mentioned all over the internet because of the impact of Covid. Five months appears to be the wait time that people are mentioning.

  • Tha Masai Mara is probably one of the safest places to go ballooning. No power lines, telephone poles, towers, buildings … none of the things that tend to get amateur balloon pilots in trouble. The last balloon pilot we had does that type of work all over the world. We missed our first balloon ride because the balloon pilot saw one line that was out of place, and after he corrected the problem the wind had come up and made a launch impossible. We have done the balloon ride over the Masai Mara twice, and my wife is afraid of heights and small airplanes … but she loves ballooning and has learned to love small airplanes.

  • We just did the balloon ride over Masai Mara about 10 days ago. We felt perfectly safe. It was our second balloon ride, the first being in Australia nearly 5 years ago. Nervous at first, as I’d never done it before, it was magical! So quiet and peaceful. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again, especially with a reputable company like Tauck making the arrangements.

  • wow thanks for posting this, I am petrified of do it, but I will

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    It looks so wonderful! We will be booking this trip soon. I think one has a higher chance of being injured driving to the balloon, than
    flying in it. Looking forward to going up in one someday.

  • This is something I’ve never done, and I’m really looking forward to it.

  • My husband and I will be there on 10/8. What better place to celebrate our anniversary! We're from NH. Afraid of heights but looking forward to the balloon ride. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

  • we are devastated but unfortunately we have to cancel our trip due to the devastation that IAN caused in our area, we have damage to our home, minimal, but something that needs to be taken care of ASAP, also Fort Myers airport is not due to reopen for commercial travel until 10/7 and our flight is for 10/5 - we just got power back which was out since Wednesday - we are grateful we are not by the water, seeing the devastation to the surrounding places is heart wrenching - hoping they will allow us to re-schedule for a later date. Have fun on this trip

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    So very sorry to here this, we have been thinking about everyone we know in Florida and beyond today.

  • luvlabs I'm so sorry to hear that, I live in Orlando so it wasn't too bad here but a lot of debris and flooding.

  • We are so sorry for you.

  • So sorry, luvlabs. I have a friend in Cape Coral and she said it was frightening.

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