K&T next week- Sept 20- anyone?

We leave this weekend and plan to do an excursion on 9/20 around Arusha with Kearsley pre-trip. Anyone else going to be there? Kearsley rep says no one else has contacted them to arrange a tour. We’d love to share with others!


  • May I suggest changing your tour to going to Arusha National park as you drive through the town to go to it. It’s a very small town and things could be pointed out on the way

  • I agree with British. Arusha National Park was a wonderful way to whet our appetite for the rest of the K/T tour. We had a wonderful day—just a few short weeks ago.

  • CaraBethP - what is your starting hotel? If you’re staying on Lake Deluti then another option is to arrange a guided walk, through the hotel, around the lake. It might be a cheaper, easier option than Arusha National Park that still allows you to see some scenic things.

    You won’t see anything in Arusha National Park, from an animals perspective, that you won’t see hundreds more examples of during your tour.

  • It appears you are staying in the Gran Malia Arusha, so only pass through the northeastern suburbs of the town of Arusha on the way to Arusha National Park. Even on your way to Lake Manyara National Park on Day 2, you don't enter the downtown area. Arusha National Park is located on the east side of Mt. Meru, with the southern entrance about halfway between the airport and the Gran Malia Arusha (16.3 mi. 35 min. to the Park Entrance.)

    I think it is worthwhile to see Arusha National Park if you have not been to Africa- it gives you an idea what you will see on tour and gives you an introduction to game drives- you use the same vehicles and drivers you will likely have on tour, Kearsley supplies both to Tauck.

    On the other hand, I don't think there is much to see in downtown Arusha.

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    I’ve read here that Arusha Park is great, but you will not see much that you will not see on the tour The trip is intense and the Malia is really nice. We have done this trip three times and early arrival day one is a rest day.

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    Looks as if the Deluti hotel is now history for Tauck, we’ve stayed there three times but looking forward to the Malia in 2024
    The main reason I suggested Arusha National park is that as previous stated, not much in Arusha to see. Arusha NP has very different vegetation and you get a lot nearer the lake and all the flamingoes there, when you stop for your picnic lunch, and then there is the walking safari there too.

  • I understand Sealord’s perspective, but I was too excited to spend a day in the hotel. It was a great way to spend the extra day and get a feel for the vehicles and begin the adventure. The walking component brought us to a waterfall, plus during the Arusha Park tour was the only time we were able to see Mt. Kilimanjaro on a clear day.

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