Question for those who have taken lots of Tauck tours



  • mil Glad you're enjoying your trip. Looking forward to experiencing the journey through your postings.

    I just returned from Greece (Athens, Mykonos and Santorini). Next September we'll go back to visit Crete (I've been told a week is needed there). We'll try to fit in one or two more islands (Paxos, Naxos). It was the perfect time to visit. The weather was sunny but not hot and the crowds were at a minimum. There were no issues securing dinner reservations or too crowded narrow streets/alleyways.

    The pace was perfect! The resort we stayed at in Santorini is closing next week and the hotel in Mykonos is closing at the end of the month. Mykonos has GREAT shopping--high end and very tasteful souvenir shops. I had a blast (Gucci, Dior, LV). The Gucci store is also closing next week. The stock was very limited but I managed to pick up a nice item--much better prices Euro prices and the advantage of no VAT tax

    My next scheduled Tauck tour is Northern India and Nepal (December 2023). I throughly enjoyed the Portrait of India tour and looking forward to returning to Delhi and Agra and especially looking forward to the Nepal portion of the itinerary. I'll meet up with one of the solo travelers who was on the Portrait of India tour. We had a blast together! We've met for lunch in NYC when I was visiting the area.

    I'm considering reserving Singapore/Bali (2024)

    Stay Well & Safe Travels! B)

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    PureLuxury Hello my friend
    Love Greece! Mikonos is amazing, Greta and Santorini very nice too. I didn't know the close for the seasons.
    I did the portrait of India or Spotlight of India. did the northen part- Delhi, Agra, Varanassi, Jaipur and Jonpur & Udaipur I think is the name. Never been in Nepal, it looks very interesting, I will wait to hear from you. My next Tauck is Oct. 2023 Bali & Sing. on my own Yuppy!
    and this time... not friendly fake friends from the forum... I'm sticking to my self :)
    Of course you are not a fake, I good my list of the good ones and you're in it. :) I spoke to Marah yesterday, gal from Jordan, she is so nice, we have a great friendship, now I have 3 sisters in SA. 3 gals fro the Kalahai camp.

    Okay Girl, we'll talk, going to eat something and I'll work on my pics Have a great night, Cheers!

  • Just got a brochure in the mail from RTS, offering a 2+ week trip to South America for $115K. Private jhet, all first class, lie flat seats, 50 or so guests. Certainly not a bargain, but if the OP's friend is looking to spend big, this might be it.

  • mil just lovely...Continue to ENJOY! B)

  • BKMD is that $115k pp? Holy moly.

  • rssherms - Yes, and an 11K single supplement, which isn't bad, %age-wise.

  • well, if you're a snobby traveler you should have the $$$$ to afford it., right!
    Pennies for someone looking for extreme luxury.

  • mil - great pictures of the hotel, the Amanjiwo was lovely, the only hotel in the tour with a Toto toilet :D You will have time to enjoy the place, 2 days is never enough so make the most of it. We had a lovely dinner by the pool one night.

  • thanks gladysorlando984.
    I'm booking my Spa for sure.

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