Happy new week everyone. :)

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Trying to upload reels I did while on tour... But I guess it’s not working


  • Cathy could you opened at all

  • mil. I can't open either. I got a note that the file was not compatible with QuickTime (I use a Mac)

  • Okay, :( sad I'll find a way... thanks ladies.

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    You should have asked me! :D The forum does not support uploading videos. If you want to display a video you must first upload it to YouTube or some other video hosting service (I don't think Facebook works). If you use YouTube, after you have uploaded your video, right click on it as it is playing or paused, left click on "Copy Embed Code," then paste the code in your post: The code will look like something like this:

    Here is my video:

    Sharks and other stuff Peru & Galapagos:

  • Alan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the best! :))
    you would not believe the many hours I spend...trying to figure out how... never thought about YouTube :D DAH!! .

  • mil...like Google, YouTube is your friend :D

  • milmil
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    I just got my new iMac! Wait and see my report, it will be like non other… if I figure out what to do

  • Mil - Perhaps, even all of the photos you post will be oriented correctly for the viewer! 😂

  • milmil
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    Smiling Sam, Welcome back!
    Oriented Correctly! maybe.... I will be considered, for those that are vertically challenged. :)

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