The Rhine, Swiss Alps & Amsterdam - Northbound May 1 2023

Any suggestions from past travelers about this trip that might just be helpful? This willl be my first Tauck trip, and I’ll be traveling solo. Thank for any suggestions.


  • I don’t don’t know what advice you’re looking for but you’ll have a great time. I guarantee it.

  • Thank you

  • Solo travel gives you an opportunity to enjoy meet other solo quests on this tour. You can inform the TD that you would like to be seated at the solo table for the Welcome dinner. This gives you the opportunity to become more comfortable in meeting other guests. My friend and I sat with 5 solo travelers on a Rhine trip. Imagine 7 women sitting every night together and sharing.

  • I can only imagine! 🥴

  • Wanderingstar -- I've never seen a solo table at a welcome dinner or any other dinner (river cruise or land tour). Have you seen it on other trips, or is it unique to this cruise? I travel solo, and have always met welcoming people on every trip, even without a solo table.

  • MCD I also travel solo and have never seen a solo table in 24 land and river cruise tours.

  • I’ve never seen a solo table either, that is more like segregation to me!

  • I've seen tables for 4 reserved for the TDs and CD to eat at together or large tables (6-8) set aside if the wait staff was informed ahead of time. Usually seemed to be groups traveling together. One group of women seemed to know one another beforehand but who knows they may have met on the ship.

  • The Cruise Director or TD writes the solo traveler‘s name upon request. The list is given to the wait staff about 1 hour before the welcome dinner begins and the table is set. There isn’t any sign on the table and it was near the TD‘s and CD’s table. My friend and I were from April 22- 29, 2017 on the Holland and Belgium in Spring tour on the MS Treasure. I kept a daily journal of each day in the green book and noted who joined us for dinner. We all enjoyed the farewell reception and the dinner. One of the ladies was 82 years old and thanked us for a good time on daily excursions and enjoying meals together.

  • Wow, quite a discussion on solo travel. After reading all the comments, I’m booking a second trip because I’ll be so busy making new acquaintances on the first. What’s so interesting is that everyone has similar experiences, which just slightly different takes. However, the common thread is everyone had a good time. In response to my original post, I have been provided with a lot of helpful information.
    I enjoy reading all the responses, which just fuels the desire for this trip to occur much sooner than it is!

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    irdvo116 I met wonderful people in land tours and river cruises, most people you'll meet are very inclusive and they'll invite you to join them, sometimes you will meet other people traveling solo, I have been very fortunate traveling solo and meeting some lovely couples and single ladies with whom I still keep in touch and gone on other tours with. You will have fun.

  • You will love this cruise! We went a day early & got online tickets to the Anne frank museum in Amsterdam which was very interesting! If you like wine, they have different wines of the country that you are visiting that day! Going through the river locks was very interesting! In fact, one day about mid-week, we choose to stay on the ship & got some rest! We had a great room on the bottom floor which had a huge window & a small raised platform with a small table & 2 chairs! Tours were great on land in each country! My favorite was the tour up to the highest train station in Switzerland! Had a mild reaction to the altitude-definitely don’t have those kinds of experiences in the US! There was never any motion you could feel at night while sleeping! Just a fabulous trip from start to finish!

  • mcneillsb1
    . . . . "We had a great room on the bottom floor which had a huge window & a small raised platform with a small table & 2 chairs! . . . ."

    That was a Cat 3, loft cabin, only found on four Inspiration class river boats (ms Grace, ms Inspire, ms Joy, ms Savor) At 225 sq. ft., it has as much floor space as many higher category (more expensive) cabins and provides the biggest bang for the buck.

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