I dream of Africa ..(my experience)



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    ears out, he has acknowledged your presence- flapping the ears as they are out and tilting head down, he is annoyed.
    Half ear up and out, the other half down... he is lazy and doesn't care to see you. :):)

    WAn: Hi.
    I have been to Africa 5 times- 3 Safaris, 1 to Egypt, 1 to Morocco. Next to Namibia 2024.

    Alans: Hi

    Yes, we saw the same elephant @ the Kwai Camp- the staff scare him away as he was getting closer to the tents- he is well known, he is a common visitor to the camp.

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    I am not surprised the Khwai River Camp has closed. I found it to be in disrepair, and it was my least favorite lodging on the Z, B and SA trip. The Savute Lodge looks like a much better alternative. The Belmont Camps, in my experience, are good; Khwai River was the exception.

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    It has been a few years since we did the Z,B, and SA trip, so it’s certainly possible the place fell into disrepair, but we loved the place. TripAdvisor shows it with five stars, and it has one of the most famous bars in the world. And yes, I have pictures of the elephant that visits there.

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    Great pics, Sealord, but could this possibly be the Eagle Island Camp? Those hanging caged chairs look familiar in the “most romantic bar in Africa” where we had cocktails after our sunset mokoro adventure through the Delta. Eagle Island was my favorite accommodation, and Camp Kalahari was my favorite overall experience.

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    You are correct. I had confused the two camps. The pics are of Eagle Island not Khwai River. We did like Khwai River also but not as much as Eagle Island.

    The above pics are Khwai River.

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