I dream of Africa ..(my experience)



  • This pic looks like he's about to pick up the Coke bottle that fell from the sky :)

    Yep, The Gods Must Be Crazy.

  • Mil, thank you so much for the travelogue and the lovely photos! I leave been looking forward daily to the photos, movies, descriptions and dialogue with the Tauck big 5 ( British, AlanS, Smiling Sam, Sealord , and you :) A question - were you ever at all frightened?

  • How in the world did MotherOfPoodles get flagged for that positive comment and legitimate question???

  • MCD , the It!..... it's :D crazy!

  • Motherofpoodles, hilarious 😀

  • milmil
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    Next. Day 8
    next morning, coffee/tea and ready to go!
    Meerkats encounter 6:00am- OMG! too early to see Giant Squirrel with no tails... :) they are lovely.
    also, they are about 30-35min. drive from camp, so it was actually another game drive, take a look...

    As we were done with cutest little creatures, one heavily pregnant .. we went on with the non-official game drive, headed to our refreshment/ breakfast stop, when nature decided to remind us of what an amazing place we were at.

    The unexpected happen....

    wildebeest paw print.


    as we stop and watch for a full 1/2 hour... more would go by... what a scene

    keep tune...

  • milmil
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    we saw, birds

    we saw, zebra's butts,

    we got to the breakfast site.

    eat fast people... go potty and let's go! the animals are out! - don't these couples spend enough time with each other...? stop the chat and let's go! :
    and of course... The animals were OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! , they were everywhere.... You cannot believe it; it was like a National G. episode of the wild ...

    I went wild taken pictures here with my camera... that - 150-600 lens was the bomb! Beyond Amazing
    Then came the elephant...

    how lucky our we! not enough yet!

    next... the Ultimate!

  • milmil
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    next hold your breath...


    Zebra for lunch, anyone...?
    Unfortunately, we missed the kill. we went back to the camp... to EAT LUNCH! are you kidding me!!!

    more of Day 8th to come... next page. :)

  • milmil
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    so last afternoon Day 8th, we depart to a remoted area.. The Salt Pans to ride the ATV- well... here is where the Toxins started to come out!
    Any who... I got on my ATV , 3rd one at the front and by myself.

    Rum, Rummmm.. in your marks, get set... see you guys later :)) -

    ajajaj! I beat the format! here is my video.

    Just for everyone to be aware.... the Tauck rep.- does demand fast speed by those driving, I guess safety became 2nd as the sun started to set. - maybe the group should have left camp 1 hour earlier... I'm sure Mr. Tauck wouldn't have liked to have to pay my hospital bill, but in order not to be a spoiled brat, after i was put in the very last of the line... and with him & granny checking if I was driving better... I started to speed up like a Devil! almost taking a couple ahead of me.
    am I driving fast enough now....
    P.S this video was taken at the beginning as everyone started to go on... I stopped as soon as we started to speed up. and before the lecture...
    more to come.

  • milmil
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    As we arrive to sunset destination... no pictures were taken, so I'm not sure why the rush... we spend maybe 20-30 min. play a game... had some meditation time, PLEASE!!!! go to a Spa. - and finally, as it got dark, we headed to camp for the dinner under the stars, etc.
    Of course, my unrequested granny teacher came to me to say how well I did after all.............. Hello, I cannot mention what went through my head! My Hispanic Blood was fuming! of course I kept my posture... I'm a well-educated Lady. Karma will find them.
    Anyhow, the rest of the night was incredible, I sat at the very end of the dining table- with the gang! we laugh, we sang songs... it was the best , Once dinner was over I got up and walked away from the table and the firepit for ultra-dark skies... and before the Tauck rep would give us the stars lecture- credit to him, he is very knowledgeable about the flora & Fauna of the area as well as the stars and Constellations He is well prepared and studied

  • milmil
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    as you can see in the last picture... everyone has something shinning under the seat!
    Well... I was having so much fun... some Amarula fun... that didn't notice that a portable natural heater was being placed under each chair...
    then all the sudden, I felt like some body parts started to get really hot, and I scream... shh.... I'm having hot flashes.... Menopause ;( and jumped off my chair. Well, no wonder....


    once up. And went for a solo walk... far from the group for more time to watch the stars... and take some more pics.

    showing only one pic. when I transferred them to the forum, they looked horrible. -
    So, as the night went on... the group decide to go back to the camp-
    the 2 crowns jewels (can you guess) were the only ones to stay So, I decided to go too.... no need to sleep near them
    But to resume the night was fantastic. - food was incredible- the Kalahari chefs are the best!
    Oh, and we did share the table as always with the staff (could not stop laughing with all the jokes) together with us an adorable French newlywed couple... they were incredible, and I had the chance to practice my French


    GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Incroyable Cape Town A Venir
    Au revoir :)

  • milmil
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    Tomorrow, we fly to Cape Town.
    A finally with a Bang! Great time

  • For future people taking this tour, personally, the night we had sleeping on the salt pans was one of the most amazing times of our lives.
    Mil, so sorry your night was spoiled by others and granny.

  • milmil
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    British thanks…. Well, better things will come.
    I'm thinking Namibia!

  • milmil
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    Today Day 9th
    Lots of hugs to all the Staff- selfies etc.. early in the morning at breakfast time.
    and next we depart to the airport strip- we are flying to Maun, Botswana and on to Cape Town.

    as we get to the airport there was a small delay. So, we got some refreshments.

    then closer to boarding we made a potty stop, Checkout the facilities.... :)

    view of the salt pans from our aircraft on our way to Maun.

  • Great pictures mil

  • milmil
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    Once in Maun, we got our luggage and were able to arrange any weight issues- my 2 bags together weighted 37lb.-the limit was 40l.
    so, as we have some free time... I thought maybe I can get a magnet at the souvenir store............ Well, the Tauck agent, came to let me know ...I had to go inside...(I plea the 5th) and sat next to the gate for 45min.
    Time to board.

    Great flight. single window seat. I'm happy.

    Arriving now to Cape Town, I got great views of the Mountain range.

  • It’s so fun waiting for the next installment. How long before the killer is revealed!


  • 😂😂😀👍

  • milmil
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    The One & Only. - This is the 4th I have visited, excellent hotel Brand-

    So happy to be here.... and my patience & good attitude pay off-I got a corner suite #119.- another 11 :)
    with a terrace for a cocktail party of 60-80 people... :)

    1st floor right side above the giant lobby window... yes, I was there. :)

    Ok! moving on.... I dropped my belongings and went to The Two Oceans Aquarium, full of kids! but I was able to get in.

    came back to the hotel and ordered room serv. YUMMM

    Hotel views are incredible at night.

    Tomorrow Day 10th.!
    Full day visiting Cape Town- weather is absolutely amazing!

  • I think your TD was trying to make amends Mil. Good for you!

  • British, Nope... Actually, I went to thank him and he replied that he had nothing to do with it.
    I think maybe the hotel saw my member status and decided to give me a better room... :)
    No complaints!!! , I slept like a queen & had a bubble bath every night

  • milmil
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    On Day 10th and 11th we saw the following...

    Our visit to the city of Cape Town started with beautifully perfect weather. Sunny and crispy, also it's the first day Table Mt. is open to the public and as typical Tauck, we got there on time to open the doors. which is always a blessing, there was hardly anyone... we got on the cable car as we arrive and up... we went.
    Beautiful view of the city and temp. was perfect.

    as we were done with Table Mt. we went to the next sight- our next stop District Six Museum
    next page....

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    It looks like you had perfect weather to visit Table Mountain!

    On the cable car ride up, were any of the passengers surprised when the car started to rotate?

    We had bunch of young, non-Tauck riders who literally pushed their way to the front of our group to grab spots in the cablecar so they would have the "best view" of the city and ocean. They were severely disappointed when they realized the car rotated so every passenger had a chance for the "best view." :D

  • Mil - We visited the museum many years ago and it was so sad.  You are such a nice person and so kind.  Thank you for your daily updates and we are so happy that you are enjoying the trip.

  • milmil
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    Bo-Kaap It is a former racially segregated area, situated on the slopes of Signal Hill above the city center and is a historical Centre of Cape Malay culture in Cape Town. The Nurul Islam Mosque, established in 1844, is located in the area.
    The color houses begin as the slaves were allowed to buy the properties; the houses were painted bright colors by their owners as an expression of their freedom. Many of the families in the Bo-Kaap have been living there for generations.

    Once done with the visit.. we drove around and back to the hotel. Free afternoon- and a Tauck
    Dinner with a local Family tonight.

    I instead went on a sidecar tour around town... they pick me @ the hotel.

    - My next destination 2024!

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