I dream of Africa ..(my experience)



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    okay! Here he is............... Sexy Heli pilot! forget about the other... dude, the nightmare one... I like them YOUNG! and adventurist![]

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    and he smell really good......

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    Views from the Heli.


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    Next the last activity on Day #6 the canoes and the Amazing Sundowner, followed by drinks and Laughters...also dinner..
    with a great surprise from the staff they serenated us for 1/2h with beautiful African songs... working on the video. :)
    if I upload it upside dowm..Smiling Sam might see more than he should :)

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    Geee, no slack!!! :o Sam, give her a break! :)

    Once photos have been uploaded and comment posted, if you find dupes and try to edit, it isn't easy to tell which photo is which, because there is no "Preview" in the edit mode. Each time you upload a photo whether uploading the same photo twice, the system assigns it a unique/different file name so impossible to tell that way. The only way I've found is to count the photos, e.g. if the fifth and sixth photos are dupes, go back and delete one of them and upload a new photo in its place.

    It can be tough, I lose track all the time!!! It can be even harder, depending on how many Amarula's you've had. :D (My wife's favorite too! Not too easy to find, but if you check around you can get it in the US)

    mil, it looks like there was more water in the Okavango than when went. Was there enough water for a "motor boat" ride or did you have a ride in a "mokoro" canoe?

  • Mil, he quite handsome. However, I've been happily married for 32 years. I asked my 90 year old mom what her secret is to married life and her one wise answer was "ignore". That's a loaded answer.

  • For anyone who didn't notice, mil's photo clearly shows there are no doors on her helo! We had a larger helo (5 pax + pilot vs 3 pax + pilot on mil's helo) but our's didn't have doors either- the only way to fly for the best view!!!

  • AlanS - didn't have doors either- the only way to fly for the best view!!!

    Did you have the option to stand on the rails of the helicopter? I see that a lot of that in Running Wild with Bear Grylls. Seems like that would provide an even better view. :D

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    I found Amarula easily at Total wine In Delaware.
    Years ago, when we were on a tour, we came across a solo male elephant who was feasting on fallen Amarula fruits. They were obviously fermenting because he was unsteady and clearly drunk. He tolerated us watching him for quite a while, then he suddenly had enough and began to charge us. The driver backed up hastily. It was a great moment.
    Mil, I’m going to call you Amarula from now, it certainly is a lovely drink on ice.
    Look forward to your next installment.

  • OurTravels34 Hi.
    I'm Happily Single and planning on keeping the status, I have an excellent life.
    Happy for you.

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    AlanS Hey
    I get my Amarula at Total Wine & more.
    Plenty of water for motorboat. it was at good levels.

  • British !! this one is for you! from NA. - Naughty Amarula :)

  • Next video It's a most see, I'm the only one that capture the moment, I know that!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Mil. I mean Amarula, 😂😂😂 🍹 Cheers

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    Great video of the water buck(?). Wow, pretty fast for those shallow waterways!! Instead of a boat with a standard outboard motor, you must have been in an airboat with a big engine and airplane propeller, like the one below? (Though the airboat is from Namibia, I see it was made in Maun, Botswana)

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    Next Day #7
    Free morning then flight to Kalahari Camp! The most rustic one but with the most lovable staff ever..

    view from my tent as a woke up, every day.

    More to come... Good night

  • Were the horses still there? They roam freely in the enclosure which is fenced to protect them and guests from the lions which you can often hear making noises that seem like they are just outside your tent! :o:o:o

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    AlanS , I did not see any horses, I had told the TAUCK rep. I wanted to do horse backriding.. but of course... he did not deliver.
    I did love the camp comcept of having all guess in house seat and eat at the table together with also the staff as a big family, live at the bush can be really hard on them no tv-phone etc.

  • Brings back such memories of that tour. Was the Belgian guy still the manager there, he was awesome.
    We never saw horses.

  • British
    . . . . We never saw horses.

    The horses were there in 2019. Horseback riding (vs 4 wheeling?) was an option. We only had one rider in our group.

    Mil, great shots of Camp Kalahari. Was the pool open? I forgot his name, but did the big elephant visit Camp Kalahari? Did you get a photo of the 'rats nest'- the device charging station? There are many times I wish I had taken one. It would have made it easy to answer forum questions. Did you get any shots of the meerkats?

  • Mil great pictures and reports, lovely trip

  • I think someone did post a pic of the charging station fairly recently.

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    Alan, Nope ... I did not see any horses or heard them. I did not took a pic of the charging station, but I will get it.- I'm in contact with the staff manager and kids a lot.

    British, no Belgian manager... the one at the time of my visit was a SA gal- Ntebo , she is amazing. I keep in touch with her on WhatsApp

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    Lovable Staff.

    We had so much fun! they're all in my heart forever...to meet & share with them was the best thing that happen to me in the middle of the toxic storm...


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    So, I will combine Day 7 & 8 since both where at the Kalahari Camp and Makgadikgadi.

    On day 7th as we arrive to the camp, we had lunch and soon after we visited the Bushmen.
    The visit was very interesting and informative. They show us about the healing & uses of many plants/bushes and what they do on their daily life. - (I also held a scorpion!)

    then we proceeded to an area where we boarded the Jeeps (I sat on the top outside seat) to go far out to enjoy another spectacular sundowner.
    Amarula back again in the menu, by now I was having more than 1 glass.... :) only way to dela with D" toxics...
    Once back to the camp... dinner a & Nite- Nite. Here I go... 5 min. walk to my tent, # 11 again. and way off... far away from everyone else... Uhm! I see a pattern. Child games... find with me, with all the Amarula I drank I slept like a baby.


  • some Sunset Pics - I like to be creative with my pics.

  • This pic looks like he's about to pick up the Coke bottle that fell from the sky :)

  • (I also hold a scorpion!)

    mil...be careful

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    Part II - Day 8Th to follow...
    Meerkats ATV at the Salt Pans, dinner under the stars.... and opted out of the final surprise....

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