Eastbound tour 26 Oct 22



  • SS, absolutely agree. I'm sure I combined Berlin with a stop or two...Vienna, Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Milan (I have a fav Swiss-owned hotel there)...all have been regular stopovers over the years. European trains make it so easy.

  • Thank you for this, Claudia. It brought back many memories from this past June. Have a safe and uneventful trip home!

  • Thank you Claudia for a great overview. My husband and I are seriously considering this trip for 2024. I am extremely interested in your 3 days in Barcelona as we would like to add that in to our tour as well. Hope you can post the details.

  • Claudia - Toledo is worth a visit if it isn't too expensive.

  • Claudia, thank you so much for taking time from your Tour to provide a daily report. I have enjoyed it very much. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  • Great reports Claudia

  • I second a trip to Toledo; a full day there would be required, however, to see all that it offers...stunning views, Muslim, Jewish and Christian monuments and places of worship.

  • Great report! Will follow up in a few days with a PM.

    How did the guitarist at the farewell compare with Andrés Segovia.

    Speaking of Iberian history, I read some time ago in Nat Geo that the Vikings, on their way to attack Rome of all places joined up with the Visigoths or some other Russo-Germanic group and caused trouble in Iberia. A subgroup they crossed over into Africa. Who knew?

  • Wonderful report Claudia and yes the hot chocolate is delicious, sorry you didn't enjoy the churros.

  • Alan, no idea how the guitarist compared. We just enjoyed it.

    Not surprising about the Vikings considering they established themselves in Normandy (hence the name) and did make it into the Med.

  • Claudia - Safe and swift travels to Barcelona. I loved Mercado de San Miguel. Great for people watching.

  • My favorite street in Barcelona is Las Ramblas. It is lined with beautiful trees and tons of restaurants. It is approximately 1.2km and a lovely walk.

  • Hi…this is on behalf of Claudia -

    “My posting is dead in the water until I get back to the US. Got logged out of the Tauck website and now any attempts to log in just go to the UK site so I can only see the forum not post.

    For Noreen, our hotel is on Las Rambles and in fact our room looks over it. Yes, A bit noisy but good thick windows. We slept fine last night.”

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    Were you trying to use the forums link at the bottom of the Tauck (UK) homepage? Try just using www,forums.tauck.com/ or www,forums.tauck.com/ncr

    If it still requires a logon, try using https://www.tauck.com/ncr for the Tauck (US) website to logon first

    The ncr at the end stands for “no country redirect”

    I don't know if either will work, but give it a try. There are some other things to try in "settings" like turning off location services, etc. but they are a little more involved and depend on what device (Win, Chrome, IOS, etc.) you are using.

    Above also sent via email.

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    Well, so much for that. Claudia says no joy. :/ She can read the forums but can't post (like all UK Taucktourians)

    There are a number of other things people can try by messing around- clearing cookies, then use Private Browsing available with Firefox and other browsers, using a VPN, etc. etc.. But, as I mentioned above, each procedure is unique to your operating system, browers, and situation.

  • The forum won't be the same without Claudia (for a few days)! :D

    Just teasing. Enjoy Barcelona and your trip home. I look forward to your Barcelona posts upon your return home.

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    The “Treasures of Spain and Portugal” trip does the Tauck treatment of Barcelona. Bare in mind that Mallorca is hotter than the hinges in the summer time. We have done Barcelona several times, so there is still more to see if you choose to arrive early or stay later. The Majestic hotel in Barcelona is really special.

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    The few times I visited Barcelona courtesy of our Uncle, were great. The fleet landing was at the foot of the Ramblas and the USO was located in a restaurant only a few blocks away. The waterfront looks so different now and it was so long ago, it was hard to find anything I recognized on Google maps. I did find Los Caracoles restaurant we ate at back in the day whenever we visited.

  • Everyone loves the Ramblas … including the pick pockets and muggers. We were mugged at the bus stop at the far end. When visiting there it is best to carry minimum cash and a credit card. If you have a back pack, it will be a target. They got my wife’s Coach purse by cutting the strap with a razor or some other really sharp instrument. She did not even know it was gone until some time later. They work in teams, one to distract and the other to do the deed.

  • We were very careful - as we always are when traveling. We minimize what valuables we carry using the room safe. I carry a small cross body bag from Travelon with straps that can't be cut and locking zippers. The bag can also be worn as a waist pack. If possible under my jacket. My husband uses a money belt especially if we are moving between hotels.

  • Wonderful trip Claudia, glad you are back home safe.

  • Claudia - Thank you for your insights, I'm book for this cruise next year in late august (living in Florida I do not mind the hot weather). When I get close to the date I may PM you for your take on the excursions.

  • Gladys, The main thing is to give yourself more time in Lisbon. If we'd added 2 days instead of 1 we could have taken the train to Sintra without worrying about getting back for the welcome dinner. By the time I realized we needed it we'd already booked and paid for the airfare.

    We used to live in Tampa so I know how hot and humid it is. Short of fires again next year you'll be fine and might even enjoy the ship's pool.

  • Claudia, I'm only doing the cruise have been in Portugal and Madrid twice and seen a lot of both, actually I have contemplated moving to Madrid. :)

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