We're booked! Christmas Markets Danube - Dec 6-13, 2023 aboard ms Savor



  • Terrilynn...I heartily agree with your choices in Vienna. My fav was the Schönbrunn Palace. It was a cold day and the hot cocoa I had (matched with a delectable strudel) was just perfect. And you are right about the treasures for sale. I saw a beautiful, handmade silver-tip badger shaving brush that I should have purchased but thought I could wait until later in the week to buy. Nope! Never happened. If I see it again, I'm snapping it right up. An heirloom for sure. Have fun!

  • terrilynn,

    Thank you once again for your wealth of information!

  • terrilynn-- thanks so much for all the information. Some friends and I are booked for the Danube 6-13 Savor cruise also; I did it a few years ago and loved it. I was looking into extending the cruise either pre- or post- to Prague, either arrive early in Prague and take train to Vienna, or take train from Nuremberg to Prague. If anyone has done this, please let me know if this is a good idea. I'd love to see Prague in the winter.

  • Thanks to all who have contributed to my question about Budapest and Munich hotels.

    The Intercontinental in Budapest is within walking distance to the Sofitel. Ten years ago, we stayed at the Sofitel Chain Bridge in Budapest; according to Trip Advisor it is currently closed.

    The Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski looks luxurious!

    @terrilynn - thanks again, for the very detailed and informative comments and link. Very helpful!
    Wow! Less than 2 weeks until your Christmas Markets cruise! I will look forward to reading your review.

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    @bobbette - we will be on this cruise too! Getting my list ready and all my warm clothes together. We have never cruised and I don't particularly like the cold, but...you just can't have Christmas markets without it LOL!

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    @terrilynn for sure I will take your tips with me to Vienna. Thank you. Do you only cruise on Tauck river cruises or ocean as well? Oh...important question for a newbie. Where do you put suitcases? We have 2 medium size.

  • kibster, there is plenty of room under the beds.

  • kibster = we love the Tauck Xmas Market River Cruises - Europe is gorgeous at Xmas and the towns are so quaint and old and full of history. We have done a few ocean cruises, but we aren't really fans of them. Too many people for us and the food, to us, wasn't great.
    We did enjoy Alaska, but we don't plan to take any more large ship cruises. We will stick to River Cruise and hopefully some of the Tauck Small Ship cruises one day down the road.

    And as Claudia said, there is room under the beds for luggage. And def take an empty duffle with you to bring back Xmas Market purchases in as a carry on back home. And a nice light weight zipper tote to carry to the markets each day.

  • > @bobbette - we will be on this cruise too! Getting my list ready and all my warm clothes together. We have never cruised and I don't particularly like the cold, but...you just can't have Christmas markets without it LOL!

    Hi @kibster!
    Nice to know you will be on the same cruise! It will be our first Tauck experience. We've sailed on the Danube in the summer months (on a different river cruise line.) I'm really looking forward to seeing Europe in the winter.

    We're from Orange County, Southern California, and we don't have snow or cold weather here. So this will be a new experience for us!

    I'm taking notes from all the great responses on here from the "seasoned travelers," and making a list for warm clothes, too! I found a 3-pack of Ultimate Thermal Socks, made by Avalanche, at Costco today. That's a start!

    We just got back yesterday from an ocean cruise. We've done many ocean cruises and 4 river cruises.
    I really prefer river cruises. I want to try a small ship cruise with Tauck.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  • bobbette - I'll be ending this cruise on the Joy on the 6th of next year as you are starting yours on the Savor. I am already shopping for items for next years trip. I purchased Columbia Waterproof Hiking Shoes that are lightweight and purchased 6 pairs of cuddl duds socks. I want to make sure everything is comfortable or they get returned and I try something else! I figure it's also the perfect time to get things on sale for next year. I'm looking forward to everyone traveling this year and reading about the trips!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Hello @Kathy0529!
    It's fun planning for a Xmas Markets cruise. Well, any cruise, for that matter. :)
    I've been looking for waterproof shoes, too, and a warm hat and gloves. You are right, we should be able to find some after-Christmas sales. Happy planning!

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