We're booked! Christmas Markets Danube - Dec 6-13, 2023 aboard ms Savor



  • @lfc8651 – hello again! Glad to "meet" you on the Tauck Travelers Facebook and on here!
    I will look forward to meeting you in-person onboard the ms Savor!

  • My husband and I, along with friends, are also on this tour. We've taken many small ship cruises with Tauck, but this is our first River Cruise!

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    @DoreenC – we'll look forward to meeting you onboard!

    Today's countdown... 100 days until our Christmas Markets on the Danube journey aboard ms Savor begins! Woo hoo!

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    bobbette - I'm on the cruise the week before you and can't wait! I just pulled out my travel adapters and some travel size containers. Wish I could pack now! :-) I'm in double digits!!

  • @Kathy0529 - how exciting! You know it's getting close when you start thinking about packing. ;)

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    I missed this the first time- Unless you have a long pre or post stay, Savour is one of 4 Inspire class boats Tauck uses and has plenty US 120 volt outlets. I did a post with locations and photos. https://forums.tauck.com/discussion/comment/84633/#Comment_84633

  • Thanks Alan! I hope you are doing well.

    I am doing one night in Vienna, but then I am going to Disneyland Paris for 3 nights after the cruise so adapters will be necessary for me to bring.

    I believe I saw that post with pics, so thank you for always sharing!

  • Alan - thanks for the link to the post w/pics!! I've read that post a few times as I booked a solo trip for the Rhine Christmas Markets in Dec 2024. I'm starting in Dusseldorf and ending in Basel. I copied and pasted some of your comments in a word doc that I will add any other reviews/notes people post for this tour.

  • That's great Alan! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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