REAL ID dleayed again, this time until 2025


  • Just a reminder....A REAL ID is not required for either U S domestic or foreign travel as long as you have a valid passport. You do not need both to fly.

  • We jumped on this bandwagon and our REAL ID Driver’s Licenses will be up for renewal before REAL ID goes into effect. Oh well!

  • Anyone hear anything new about the new European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS)? Will it really start this summer? Has anyone registered yet?

  • ETIAS is not yet ready. They expect it to be in effect as of 11/23


    for all the details

    PS REAL ID has been delayed for years. We got a real ID license with no problems a few years ago. I understand that only 50% of US drivers have it, also some states are still deciding how to do it.

  • When renewing my license last year I specifically didn't get a Real ID. More hassle with the paperwork requirements. Since I have a DOD ID, a passport and Global Entry card I really didn't feel the need.

  • Unless I'm simply forgetting some details, I got my (Colorado) RealID in the mail with the last DL renewal, without doing anything special. I know for a fact I didn't go to DMV.

  • Real ID is requirement without need! 😳

  • BKMD: You may be right. I was just reading the latest edition of The Points Guy and they had an article pertaining to the Real ID. I copied a portion of the text below:

    "Because several states have issued Real ID-compliant driver’s licenses for years, there’s a decent chance your license is a Real ID. In general, you can tell if your driver’s license is Real ID-compliant by looking at the star in the upper right or left corner, as shown below."

    The picture denoted a gold or black star, a star cutout in a gold or black circle or star cutout on gold grizzly bear.

  • In Arizona, the process to renew a Real ID license is the same as for a non-Real ID license. The process to get your first Real ID license in Arizona was different than for a non-Real ID license. It required additional proof of who you are, than was required for my first non-Real ID license in Arizona. Even though, if you have a non-Real ID Arizona license you still have to show the additional proof of identity to get the first Real ID license.

  • Sam - Aren't AZ DLs good for something like 50 years from issue date?

  • Only 5 years once you reach "Senior Citizen" status ( I believe age 65 ). When I got my first Arizona license in 1999 it was good until then.

  • I got my Real-ID driver's license a few years ago. Just for kicks, I gave my VA ID to the TSA person one time (domestic flight) and he asked me for my driver's license. The VA ID is one of the approved IDs for boarding a plane, but I didn't want to get into an argument.

    To get the VA ID, I had to sign up with the VA, show my DD-214 AND passport so they had a lot of proof that I was a US citizen.

  • As travel maven and BKMD indicated, some states issue the REAL ID automatically upon license renewal. I know New York does. Here in California the process is relatively easy but not exactly seamless. You must go online, fill out the form and upload supporting documentation. You are then given a code for the DMV to access. You can avoid visiting the DMV and go to the Auto Club for initial processing. Your new ID will arrive eventually...weeks and weeks later...perhaps a result of COVID. Only certain Auto Club offices are equipped to handle this, however. I learned that the hard way.

  • In Massachusetts, the Registry posted an list of satisfactory items on the web and included a list in the mailing for Drivers License renewal.

    We brought a whole bunch of documents in to renew our DL's and it took very little time.

  • Cathy I thought I had brought enough paperwork too. One was our propane bill. Because we only have it delivered a few times a year and it was more than 3 months old and therefore wasn't good enough. Every thing I brought had the same names and address. My husband had to go out to our car and get the registration, insurance card and anything else he could find. Just barely got the regular license. Arg!

  • Here in WA, John and I had to go in in person (just so happens both our licenses expired within a month of each other). We needed our passports, prior WA license and a vehicle registration. It was pretty painless.

  • I have the Passport, a retired military ID, Global Entry, and the Passport Card … all are real ID’s. I have an ‘unreal’ California Drivers License, but when people want to see an ID … like in the bank, they don’t want anything except my ‘unreal’ drivers license. I won’t be getting the Cal real ID. With one good eye it is hard enough to get the regular one … every two years.

  • Personally, the only benefit I see to a Real ID drivers license is if it enables me to carry one less card on my person. And it seems to really apply only to domestic travel, since for international you will at minimum have a passport. Like many of you, I also would have on me a Global Entry Card and a Passport Card. Frankly, for domestic I prefer using a non-drivers license id such as the passport card or global entry card anyway at TSA since those id's don't have address information on there, a plus in my view.

  • Cathy - So after living in this home 31 years....I am not valid because I am a woman married 50 years and everything
    is in my husbands name.

    Perhaps you should buy a second "love shack" in your name. Then you'd have all the required documentation. In addition, after being together for so long, said "love shack" could enhance the spark so to speak. 😂

  • Several people have mentioned a "passport card". What I know as a passport card is the card that can be used between the US and Mexico/Canada but is not valid for going to other countries.

    Is that what people are referring to as a "passport card"?


  • Yes Mike. That’s the card and it is a real ID>. I think it has other uses not mentioned, but it is not good for air travel

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    Okay, another question: Why would you get a passport card if you have a regular passport? Maybe just because it can be kept in your wallet?


  • I consider it a convenient form of id to carry abroad together with a copy of my passport which is back in a hotel in a safe. Plus it is handy domestically as well as another form of id. Yes, it can be good for border crossings by sea and land in North America. Some people as noted use it for cruise travel. I don't think one should leave the US relying just on a passport card, however - in the event of a variety of reasons where you have to fly back (missed the ship at a port, medical emergency, family emergency, etc.....) the passport card technically does not suffice for a passport.

  • I think you should check by country to be sure. But as I noted, what if you did not get back to the ship in time (it can happen) and you have to fly to the next port to catch up. How do you do that without your actual passport, since the card is not for crossing by air.

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