why so few tour dates for 2024 -VS- 2023

We were just looking at the 2024 dates for many of the tours (esp. Italy) & noticed that there are A LOT less dates for the 2024 tours. Do you think more will be added or are they cutting back for some reason? We especially noticed it on the Umbria & Tuscany one, the Sicily one, the Croatia/Venice one - but most of them are showing many less tours, many by more than 1/2. Is this typical and they tend to add more?


  • Terrilynn--I have 3 tours confirmed for 24. I am finding the tours I want are either sold out for singles, almost sold out, and/or pricing and itinerary not available even though tour dates are listed.

    I am booked on the 2/21 Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand departure in Classic size as I couldn't get a small group tour--sold out. This is a tour that has been cancelled during Covid and I wasn't able to book a single small group for this year. I chose to go with Classic size for next year because at 77, I have to go when I can go. I will be 78 by the time I go and one never knows how long one will be physically up to the challenges of international travel.

    I am also booked on back to back departures for Essence of South America (also one of the cancelled Covid adventures) and Patagonia in October. I almost didn't get a single slot on one of them.

    I am looking at England/Scotland/Wales for May but the itinerary isn't shown and no prices. Often the itinerary is the same year to year which makes me wonder if Tauck envisions major changes to it. This happened to me when they made a major change to a Northern Spain/Portugal trip a few years ago and added a Duoro River cruise so they skipped some stops that were important to me. I've asked my TA and also sent a note directly to Tauck about the itinerary but no response so far.

    Travel still seems to be in flux from the pandemic.

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    It could be that Tauck is transitioning back to how they scheduled tours a few years ago. Back then they would release a certain number of departures for a given tour, then, when they started selling out and interest continued, they would release additional dates.

    Just a guess, but there could be additional reasons- hotels are not accepting long range booking commitments, there will be expected heavy booking during certain times, events, etc. e.g. tours in France due to the 2024 Summer Olympics; For the first time in the race’s 120-year history, the 2024 Tour de France will start in Florence on June 29 2024. The first stage will take riders through Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna, concluding in the seaside city of Rimini. Italy will also stage the following two days of cycling, with the race to stop at both Bologna and Turin. The Tour will conclude with a time trial in Nice.

  • When I spoke to a Tauck agent about this they said pretty much what Alan said about interest level. When I booked the Singapore/Bali tour for 2024 we got on a waitlist for a potential new date. The date we desire is in the list of possible dates Tauck may release. So if Tauck does make the desired date real then we will be switched to that date.

  • Yes, back in the day, they would release more dates as each filled. But these days it makes it difficult to be sure you can find decent flights and also to secure a gift of time

  • The earlier Gift of Time booking date (Jul 31st) does make it harder. I'm fine making a decision not knowing the price since in that case you can cancel as soon as you know, but itinerary I want to know before booking.

  • Curious about the England, Scotland and Wales tour for 2024, right now it is a 14 day tour but I was hoping it would drop down to 10-12 day or just switched to England/Scotland only

  • Wdhinn89–I’m concerned that might happen and I want the 14 day tour which includes Wales.

  • So this is my predicament regarding the 2024 tours; We,d really like to do Amsterdam in the spring next year. The tulips are calling me😍. But it’s a really short trip, only 8 days. If I’m going to fly 13-16 hours, I want to stay longer than 8 days!! There are no other trips listed that we can do back to back.

    My only other option is to perhaps go in a couple of days early, later or both and do day trips on my own or Viator. Or perhaps Tauck will extend Norway, Sweden, or Germany in the spring?

    I get it, but makes it hard to plan.

  • AustinGirl--I agree that it would be helpful to have some good options for back to back European trips. It's a long way to go in terms of time and expense, especially if you fly business class, for 8 days.

  • AustinGirl,

    I'm taking this from memory, but I think you might be able to combine the tulip cruise with the Dutch waterways cruise. Hope this helps.

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