Covid Requirements

I am surprised that Tauck still requires proof of Covid vaccination. It seems to me that it should be dropped as most places do not require it any longer.



  • I agree with British but given Tauck's brand and commitment to excellence, I doubt they will drop the vaccination requirement. I hope they summarize the results of the survey they recently conducted on the topic.

  • Is this requirement on all tours or just for those where the countries you are visiting have the requirement? We are going to Ireland in June and hadn't thought about uploading our information.

  • Kathy M- we just booked a tour to Europe today and it’s a Tauck requirement.

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    Yes, still a requirement to travel with Tauck and they will ask to see your CDC vaccination card. I was on a U S tour last October and we had to show our card at the reception party/dinner. We keep our cards with our passports. Actually, I'm surprised Tauck only requires one booster. Hopefully that will change once they tally the results of their survey. Regardless, I will continue to wear masks and social distance where I deem it to be necessary. My choice.

  • It’s not necessarily about country requirements. The people you are nearest to are your fellow tour members in enclosed spaces. Even before Covid, we have found that fellow travelers pass around colds etc.

  • I'm curious about what did the survey ask, and when did it come around? I received one a year or more ago.

  • What I think I am hearing is that I need to take my vaccination card with me but don't need to upload anything prior to traveling. We had gone to a college reunion this fall and actually needed to upload the card before being permitted on campus.

  • I would never travel without my ORIGINAL Covid card, it stays in my Passport along with my yellow fever card. But I don’t carry it around with me, I carry a copy and I have a photo on my phone, the latter two are the ones I have shown the TD at the start of my tours. Tauck has never asked for a digital copy. The other tour company we travel with requires digital copy and a list of my medications and health history.

  • Wan,

    If my memory serves me correctly, I received the survey via e-mail around the start of 2023. It wanted to know confidence levels of continuing to travel with Tauck should they remove their vaccination requirements. For example, would you be concerned if Tauck removed the requirement? How concerned? Would you continue to travel with Tauck if the requirement was lifted? I thought it was well written and comprehensive, especially since it allowed for comments, albeit not very lengthy comments.

    Their surveys are always quite random and I do not know the population size of those surveyed. Hopefully they will release their findings once the results are tallied. I hope this helps.

  • Kathy M,

    Yes, you should travel with your original CDC vaccination documentation and carry a copy with you, as was already mentioned.

  • I also did that survey, but it was a long time ago,maybe they did another one this year, but I didn’t get it.

  • I filled out that survey when Tauck was figuring out what their policy should me. Some time early 2021? It was shortly after the vaccines came out. Seems like ages ago.

  • The survey I completed was within the past few months so relatively recent. I was one of those who was late to return to travel so maybe it was sent to a subset of travelers.

  • voikk32 - I believe the surveys are completely random.

    I couldn't agree more with your comment about doing what it takes to stay safe and healthy. As I have said many times, I can't control the behavior of others so I make sure I do what I can to protect myself. Happy and healthy travels!

  • Although they didn't reference the survey, Tauck sent out an e-mail today stating they will remove vaccination requirements for 2024 travel. Oddly, they reiterated that guests will still need to sign a "pledge" in 2024, details of which have not been established yet.

    They asked for feedback (nice gesture), so I readily and politely offered mine.

  • I didn't get this email but they are clearly bending to the wishes of the many. I would not be one of the many but I will do what I need to do to protect myself.

    I'm not sure what the point of the "pledge" is if they aren't requiring vaccinations and they don't enforce the mask requirements anyway so it seems like a CYA move to me.

    Having said that, I have 4 tours booked with Tauck for 2024 and 2 this year plus another 2 this year with a competitor. It's time to get back to living.

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    We are living life and doing tours aplenty but I’m extremely disappointment with Tauck. I wonder if this time I really can sign my next pledge with some made up name. we’ve had coughing on all our tours but one since Covid began, but there is no testing now, so who knows what people are passing around. In this case , I think Tauck must be short of customers or why would they change the policy?
    Thankfully, so far, the other tour company we have two tours booked with requires vaccination.

  • My other tour company also requires vaccination but they have not published 2024 dates as yet so we will see what happens there.

  • Their pledge has been a complete joke from the start. Their lawyers probably told them to do it as a CYA move, then give them the wink wink.

  • So the flagger is back. No need to flag a post that you don’t agree with. Sealord makes valid points. The world has mostly moved on from the pandemic. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to take my own precautions and hope for the best. That said, I’m not isolating anymore.

  • Wan - Amen!

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    Awesome Wan!
    Just this week, I know three people who have contracted Covid, it’s still around. I’m using my common sense and masking as much as I can this week before my tour begins in just over a week. I do have only a little hope that my fellow tour members are doing the same. We only ever seem to catch respiratory or stomach issues when we are on a Tauck tour, except RSV from our generous grandson last year. Going on a group tour is an extra risk but even more so these days and with no testing, even worse.

  • Wan, you have gotten a lot of ‘like’ votes, but your requirements for your fellow travelers are a dream. One of the few randomized studies of mask usage was done by the Danish, and it found no statistical advantage to mask wearing. One point eight percent of mask wearers got covid and two point one percent of the control group that did not wear masks got covid. We have traveled a lot during the pandemic and the requirements have changed. We just got back from a week in Hawaii. Service employees do wear masks, but the customers do not. Few on the airplane including flight attendants wear masks. In public areas no one wears masks … perhaps one in a hundred. Our Uber driver wore a mask. Virtually no one on the Arizona memorial nor the Missouri wore masks. If mask wearing is important to your travel plans, you should plan on wearing two masks or simply stay home. Our latest friend who died “with” covid was one week ago … but he also had severe injuries from crashing his car. They discovered covid when he entered the hospital.

  • Bravo Sealord! Let’s get back to the forum sharing the gems we learn from travel, not disease. It might be shocking to some, but there was plenty of illness and disease before Covid.

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