Final documents

As our first Tauck tour is approaching in the next six weeks, when should I expect to receive our documents or anything else we need from Tauck in the mail?


  • Usually 4-6 weeks before departure (often closer to 4) so give it a little more time. Enjoy your trip.

  • You won’t get anything in the mail from Tauck anymore, everything comes by email, so look out for it and look in your spam too!

  • And you won't get anything, until you have made your final payment. All documents arrive in PDF format- at a link in an email with subject line: "IMPORTANT: Your Tauck Personal Travel Documents - (name and reservation #)"

    Click on the link in your email that looks like the one below or the text one at the bottom of the email to view and download your documents.

  • And after the tour the link won't work so if you want a copy long term save and/or print the file. You might want to give the electronic file a new name as it's a string of letters and numbers that are hard to figure out what it is.

  • And if you used a travel agent, it may have gone to them. Mine did and was 60 days out (immediately after final payment).

  • Final docs come right after the final payment is made, as I use a travel agent they were sent to her and she immediately forward them.

  • I have just received documents by email for a June 24 th tour

  • I received documents for my August river cruise.

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