Tauck No Longer Cover Housekeeping Tips?



  • We also had an email directly from our TD about 3 weeks prior to our recent trip to SC/GA. Due to numerous restaurant closures in Charleston and Savannah plus an uptick in travel she strongly suggested we make dinner reservations for any non-included nights well ahead of time. She also provided a list of many places we might want to see that weren't included in the tour stops. As always, some of us read the email and planned ahead; others didn't and were disappointed that they couldn't eat when and where they may have wanted!

  • We have received advance communications from TD’s on a couple occasions. I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to contact one of them with a question, and when I asked Tauck they would not even confirm whether or not he was still with the company. It’s an “employee privacy issue”. Perhaps, but it seems a bit strange.

  • I've never been contacted by a TD pior to a tour, never on 26 tours.

  • I hope my TD for Namibia contacts me... that way if by any chance it's the same as the Botswana, Zambia & Cape. I will switch to a different group. :)

  • 😂😂😂

  • Mil - I had the same thought. I have 2 TDs that, if known, I'd reschedule the trip!

  • When we did the Morocco tour, the TD emailed all of us in advance.

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