Can we bring a wheeled carryon and our standard 50lb. luggage or do we have to bring just a back pack type on the 4 interior flights


  • We are going on this tour (6/2/23);as I read the documents the third flight to Komodo islands is where we are supposed to take the duffle bag.All other flights we can have our regular allowed luggage.From prior travel to Africa where we had to use the duffle bag we were also allowed a back pack with us.

  • We never had to use a duffel when we took this tour in September

  • According to our docs Tauck is supposed to give us a duffle bag for use on the tour for the two day trip to Kamodo islands!

  • Here is the document

  • I had to use the duffle on this tour for the trip to Komodo Islands, Tauck provided it, it was different than the usual duffle bags I've received in the past, it was very colorful but the material was light.

  • Ah, now yes, my apologies. It was not a usual substantial duffel that Tauck usually provides, which is why I probably didn’t remember, but a cheap colorful cotton one. My husband’s had a broken zipper on it so the TD had to give him another.

  • Those are special bags sprayed with dragon repellent.

  • milmil
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    Can anyone give a review on the lectures? 2 of them... too much.
    I will skip the one in Amanjiwo... the hotel and the surrounding areas are way too beautiful to lock myself in a room to hear a lecture about the historic kingdoms... sorry, I know it doesn't sound like me... but I can learn about the subject in the internet. I rather take pictures and enjoy the locals.
    Also, does anyone remembers the name of the Rice Fields, where Tauck is taking us for hike?
    Thanks everyone.

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    I am pretty sure we skipped one of the lectures, unusual for us. We also skipped the optional trip to the rice field. We did a rice field experience on another tour, had the opportunity to get behind the water Buffalo with the plow in the mud, plant the rice plants and toss the rice in the air with a sieve to winnow out the rice husks. I think that is when we might have had our spa treatment.

  • Anyone in this forum going on 6/2 tour?

  • One of the lectures was boring, I eased my way out, it was the only one I attended. I also skipped the rice field trip actually I don't think anyone in our group went.

  • Gladys, I love it!
    I can picture you by yourself falling asleep. :)
    I went to 1 in Marrakech (crazy PHD lady -) talking about women role in society and lifestyle in Morocco, boring till she mentions the sexuality word and practices... Well, the guys stood up and said ENOUGH! and that was the end. :)
    My 2nd one... was in Chobe on the boat- no way to scape! , everyone was so bored and sleepy... I felt bad for the guy.
    So, I have decided no more... unless it's with Brad Pitt. :D
    Okay lady, so I will call Tauck to get the name of the rice field place... so I can decide whether to go, stay at the hotel or go to the town.
    Good night.

  • milmil
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    Gladys / British
    Do any of these 2 rice Fields sounds familiar? :) or was it a surprise activity?

  • Mil, you forgot to say which ones. The tour visits a rice field anyway to see planting, etc and you have a lovely lunch by the rice field which is another reason to forgo another visit. My diary is on my other iPad so I cannot recall the name. Does it say anything about that on the tour webpage?

  • British, was your rice field at the Living Land Farm outside of Luang Prabang? I took the "Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos" tour on your recommendation. I enjoyed the visit to the rice field, but there was NO WAY that I was going to get into the water with that water buffalo! He "fertilized" the rice paddy while some of my tour companions were walking in the water behind him.

  • Yes, well I can’t recall where it was. You also visit rice fields on the Singapore Bali tour where you have the lunch but they offer another optional visit on that tour.
    Still, I’ve been to more coffee plantations and tastings on Tauck tours that I ought to be a coffee expert. When I try to tell people who just love their expresso coffee that it has the least amount of caffeine in it than other types, they don’t believe me!

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    The longer visit to the rice fields is an optional thing and I mentioned before that no one in our group went. We had lunch overlooking the rice fields and you can see a couple of people working them in Ubud, Bali at Laka Lake. The lunch was great, the view even better.

  • Hello everyone. Good morning! :)

    MCD "NO WAY!!! " that I was going to get into the water with that water buffalo! He "fertilized" the rice paddy." That's Hilarious!
    I personally with Buffalo or not, will never get on that water with my bare foot. - I get gross out just thinking about it... I need to see the bottom and not to be gooey.
    I did the rice field in Vietnam, I would love to do it here in Ubud- because of the scenery- great to photograph, but at the same time would love to stay @ the hotel and enjoy it.- I'll drink a couple of Cosmos and decide.
    Ladies (B&G) I will call Tauck and see if they have in name of the place. :0
    Thanks for the effort.
    Mil. :)

  • This is what happens if you get down and dirty in the water with animals.No rice fields for me!Thank god there was no infection with thes bites!

  • So, I called Tauck- spoke to a very nice guy with a Fab. voice... He was super funny and after flirting a little during our 15 min. call- he agreed on finding out which rice field we'll visit as the trip gets closer.
    I'm at 160 days away from Happiness. But either way... He did say, we will have 3.5 hours to spare at the hotel before the rice field hike, which it will be plenty of time to go to the pool and get my camera ready. -

  • Hi Mil, why it doesn't surprise me that you flirted a little with the Tauck guy with a fab voice :D You are so funny. I don't remember the 3.5 hrs at the hotel but then you sort of lose track of time.

  • Sufhamali I did the bathing of the elephants but there were no bugs around.

  • Gladysorlando: you were lucky;that muddy water was not the cleanest!

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