packing tips for Egypt

Can anyone tell me how many days we will need to wear long pants on the Egypt tour. Going end of September and I know it will be hot. Also are short sleeve shirts allowed for both men and women? Thanks for any help you can provide!


  • I can't recall when touring, outside of a mosque, when long pants were required on the Egypt tour. Review your itinerary and see how many times you visit a mosque - that will give you the answer. (This is excluding wearing them to some dinners where a restaurant you choose may have a dress code)

    Yes, short sleeve shirts are allowed for both men and women.

  • I know we are talking about Egypt here. But when we were in Arabia this year we were in mosques and most were very strict. I had a three quarter length sleeve on one day and it was not acceptable , I had to put on a full hijab.

  • British
    I had to put on a full hijab.


  • And while not required, you may want to consider long pants for the day of the camel ride.

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