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Today I received a set of one large and one small packing cube with the Tauck logo on it. They are the same green as the duffel bags which we receive when going on an African safari trip and they have strong mesh on one side so that you can see what's in the cube. They also come with compression zippers. There is also a lighter green bag with the Tauck logo on it along with a notation on the bag that it is made from recycled plastic bottles and that they are "climate neutral through the purchase of Sea Trees tokens with a verified carbon offset." The cubes themselves also have the same notation on the fabric.

The accompanying note from Tauck said "We're looking forward to having you join us on your upcoming journey...." I am scheduled for back to back tours next month.

I know others have mentioned earlier in the year receiving these cubes and wonder if maybe Tauck will systemically distribute these packing cubes to all Tauck customers over a period of time.

I do think it's a nice gesture and will use these on my upcoming trips in addition to my own packing cubes.



  • voikk32: I also have back-to-back tours next month (France) and received these packing cubes yesterday. As you noted, maybe Tauck is distributing these prior to upcoming trips. A very nice gesture from Tauck.

  • We will see if packing cubes get distributed across the board just prior to departure or if there is some mysterious algorithm that determines who gets them. My tour to South America departs in 64 days.

  • In September we are going on the Amsterdam to Budapest river cruise with another couple. Last week we both received a Tauck wallet (more like a change purse) with 10 euros. There was a note enclosed that said to enjoy our first refreshment on Tauck. I have read of others receiving this as well so I can only assume it depends on which tour you are on. Of course we actually paid for this but it is a nice touch.

  • We are going on back to back tours next month and so far we haven't received anything. We've done multiple tours. Fingers crossed!

  • I also received the change purse with 10 Euros prior to my Duoro river cruise in a couple of weeks.

  • I wonder if it depends on if you bought directly, or through a travel agent.

  • Sherill - I got the packing cubes a month ago and have a trip next week. I use a travel agent.

  • In reference to our wallet and euros we received -- We reserved our tour through Tauck as did our friends. We have been on 4 tours and they have been on none. I would like to think that everyone on our tour will get them. If not, can you imagine what an ice breaker conversation that would be at the first happy hour?. haha Seriously, maybe it is based on the tour and date?

  • We got our packing cubes in the mail today! Exactly one month from our Northern Italy tour. We booked through a travel agent.

  • @BKMD that's an answer to my quandary. thx

    @birder49 Yes, indeed the wallet with cash could be awkward.

    @BrendaAnderson good to know timeline, in the even some come.

  • I have mixed feelings about this marketing effort. As Sherrill points out, it would be awkward if some get them and some don't. Kind of like what's happening here on the forum. Why some not others? Is it all totally random or is there something that triggers it? I honestly don't need more packing cubes but I know if we got them I'd be sort of chuffed. On our Douro cruise I had a birthday and the TDs left a card and a very nice Tauck luggage tag in our room. Very cool.

  • We’ve had the luggage tags as an anniversary gift on our one river cruise.
    We’ve taken three Tauck trips this year, One was for our family of nine, retuned just past month, but not a sausage from Tauck.
    I guess we will miss out on this since our next trip with Tauck is almost a year away, nine people again. Quite a bit of money, obviously not impressive enough.

  • Not to worry British. We have done a bunch of Tauck trips. No packing cubes. Not worried. We have gotten a number of mysterious surprises. They sometimes show their appreciation in mysterious ways.

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    Update. Today two sets of packing cubes arrived for hubby and me. We are doing the week in scotland, with some time added on either end. For timeline reference, our flight is Sept 25 and today, the day the cubes arrived, is August 25.

    Edit: Since it was discussed above. We booked through our AAA travel agent.

  • Has anyone who is not going to Europe (within a month of receipt) received the packing cubes?

  • Waiting.......!

  • We're off on our next adventure Mon and I've had a chance to use the new Tauck packing cubes. I have to say they picked some good ones. If I knew the brand I'd buy them. They're made from fairly sturdy nylon and mesh with solid zippers. Both are compression cubes and unlike so many for sale out there the main zipper opens the top on 3 sides so it's very easy to lay things in smoothly. Then the compression reduces the height with very little middle bulge. The small one fits into my underseat carryon bag for spare clothing - one pair of slacks, 3 tops and socks/underwear. In a world of often marginal promotional gifts, these are actually useful.

  • Well Kingdoms & Dragons- Singapore & Bali will not get them.... :(
    I would love for Tauck to consider treating all the tours the same... I can understand the Safari Bags, as the name already specified - they are for Safari's only, but packing cubes... Please...
    Oh well, C'est la vie. :)

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    We didn’t receive them for Grand Australia and New Zealand. We leave in 2.5 weeks. I don’t think there’s any consideration of whether you’ve traveled with Tauck or not. We have 4 couples going; two are new to Tauck. None of us received them.

  • Have a great time on your trip, Nancy!

  • It appears that the "gifts" are only for those traveling to Europe. If anyone has received the cubes and not going to Europe, please advise.

  • It’s not that important to me.

  • I have a forum friend who has received two lots, unfortunately I can’t remember where she went.

  • We have done fourteen Tauck trips including two to Europe this year … no cubes, no Euros. Not expecting any, but these seem to be very random gifts.

  • Our 4th tour and 2 more planned. No cubes, wallets, or Euros. I book through my travel advisor.

  • Our 9th tour begins November 19, 2023.
    Have not received any gifts from Tauck just great memories.
    We book through our travel agent.

  • Could it be that those that do not receive a gift pre tour will get something on tour ?

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