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  • We also received the packing cubes and the little change purse with Euros. Very nice surprise! Used everything.

  • Hate to tell you guys, but I'll do it anyway. I just got a second set of packing cubes from Tauck, last set about 6 months ago. Have a trip coming up in about a month.

  • We've been on 4 Tauck land tours, 5 Tauck River Cruises, with 3 more River Cruises and 2 more land tours booked and we've not received anything either - not even one of the calendars I've heard about. While we can always use 10Euros, we have so many packing cubes that we probably wouldn't use them. It would be nice if it were all equal and the same and we saw some consistency, but these are certainly FIRST WORLD problems.

  • Is there any correlation with people not using Travel Agents vs people using Travel Agents getting the packing cubes or Euros or whatever? I doubt that there is, but I thought I’d ask.

    We don’t use a travel agent and we’ve been on 13 Tauck tours a combination of all three types of tours and the only ‘goodies’ we’ve received pre-tour has been duffle bags for tours that require you to leave your suitcases behind for a couple of days.

  • Smiling Sam - we use a AAA TA - and we've never received anything. So, no correlation.

  • My traveling group uses a travel agent - and we all received the calendar and 10 euros in a pouch (before our last trip).

    I was reading on Facebook that TAUCK sent out a mailing recently with new trips for 2025 (one person mentioned a Paris to Prague trip). Did anyone get this mailing—?

  • Nancy, if that was the one with Tauck 100 on the cover, then yes we received it. We have already reserved our spot on the Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna & Prague small group land tour in May 2025 and are awaiting dates for the Portugal and Spain land tour for October 2025–based on that recent publication, Tauck has updated and made some changes to the Portugal Spain tour, which no longer begins in Porto but in Lisbon.

  • Yes, I got the new tour brochure for 2025. That river cruise is in there. I have pre booked the small ship itinerary from Athens to Istanbul. They are not yet priced . If one deposits you have 14 days to cancel once they are priced. You can pick a departure date and cabin now though.

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    Yes, there is a new 2025 Paris to Prague land and riverboat tour. Sorry, but I did not keep the flyer. Very few details were given, however.

    I also remember seeing a new Rocky Mountaineer tour starting in Colorado.

    More information - Research 'new Tauck 2025 tours' and you will see a listing. The river portion is on the Rhine, Moselle, Main and Danube Rivers. Sounds appealing, especially with the tour being anchored by Paris and Prague.

  • I use a travel agent and I received packing cubes before a European trip this year. I had bought packing cubes before but didn't use them because I didn't see them as an improvement over my zip-lock bags; however, the Tauck cubes are compression bags, which I had not used, and I love them. (I finally received my 2024 calendar, too!)

  • Sam - for your spreadsheet analysis, I do use a TA. I haven't received 10 Euros, but I haven't done a trip with Tauck to the Eurozone yet. My first one will by May '24. And I did receive the Tauck 100 booklet and calendar. My trip next month will be #12 with them, all land tours, mostly Exotics.

  • Multiple land, small ship, and river cruises, but never a TA- no cubes, no wallet, no money, but do get a Tauck calendar each year! :D

  • We’ve not used a TA, but we did get 10 euros before our October river cruise and a calendar. No cubes yet. We just completed our 12th Tauck tour with 3 more booked.

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    I think we have taken 37 tours with Tauck . Got the calendar and Tauck 100 booklet but no packing cubes. Most of our tours are exotic ones these days. Took three tours with Tauck this year, one was for nine people so they have had plenty of our money. Only two tours booked with Tauck next year, but again, one is for 9 people. We have plenty of packing cubes but it would have been nice to get the Tauck fancy ones. 10 euros, not worth it.

  • We don't us a TA and have gotten both the packing cubes (Classic Italy) and the 10 euros/coin purse (Danube Christmas cruise).

  • We've been on 11 Tauck tours, the last being Australia & New Zealand in September and we have 1 tour booked for 2024. We were not gifted any packing cubes or coin purses with Euros. We do have our own, but agree that it would have been a nice gesture for loyal customers. We did receive the Tauck 100 brochure and calendar last week, and we do use a travel agent.

  • It sounds like a game to me. Someone in IT wants to see how many people will talk about cubes and ten euros. It seems random. We have done many Tauck tours … no cubes, no euros, no complaints.

  • I have more packing cubes than I need. I don’t use a paper calendar anymore; just a digital one. Digitally, my calendar travels with me. 10 Euros would be a delightful surprise and like Sealord mentioned, it appears to be a game for a response.

  • I used to always receive a calendar and brochures on upcoming tours for the next year, however, I no longer receive either. Now, I haven't been on a Tauck tour since 2018. Our 2020 river cruise was canceled due to Covid and I did rebook that tour this year for April of 2024. I always enjoyed the calendar, but I guess I am no longer on the list. Not a big deal, but there does seem to be a lack of consistency which is unusual for Tauck.

  • OurTravels34…100 % agree. This discussion makes me giggle. I received my 1st calendar which went into recycling. Hope I win the 10 € next.

  • I don't analyze why I did or did not receive a gift from Tauck. If I do receive something unexpected, I simply accept it as a gracious gesture and send a thank you note.

  • Kfnknfzk, who do you send the Thank you note to, the computers generated addresses or do you send it to Dan Mahar or one of the Tauck departments?

  • British - I send them to the corporate office in Wilton, CT care of the Customer Relations Department. I presume they are forwarded to the appropriate parties. I only do this when I receive something totally unexpected. It's just my way of expressing my gratitude.

  • If you want a calendar, give them a call. They will send you one.

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