Recommendation for tours to India

My husband and I looking at boking either A Portrait of India or the Northern India & Nepal tour for 2025 Each has something different to offer. Has anyone taken both of these trips and if so, which would you recommend if only going once to this part of the world?


  • I took what was called the Spotlight On India tour which was the only amount of time my husband who was working at the time could take off. which did not include Nepal. I understand the Nepal part requires more stamina.
    Once you get to Southern India, it’s a much easier part of the tour. I went ages ago, if I can find my diary, I’ll PM you.

  • Sherri, I sent you a PM, if you don’t know where to locate it top right, let me know and I will explain

  • FWIW, I showed the itineraries to two friends who grew up in India, then emigrated to the US. They both chose P of I for a first trip, which I have booked for late 2024.

  • Understand Cathy. Wildlife trips don't interest me. I'm more interested in the cultural trips, hence my choice. To each, their own.

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    You are both correct, to each his own. Nepal was not an option until very recently. For me, it was the culture although I love safaris and would like to do one in India. For that, I have found a specific INDIA tour for lions, tigers and leopards which I hope to do in the near future. Varanasi and Jaipur were some of my favorites.

  • I took the Portrait of India tour in December 2018. I'm scheduled for the North India/Nepal tour in December 2023. I'll provide a comparison of the tours upon my return. I really enjoyed the POI tour....It's in my top 3 Tauck tours.

  • I loved the Portrait of India tour my last one before Covid.

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