San Francisco ???

Any problems? I wish Tauck would move the start and end of this trip out of San Francisco. I may cancel and book a different company that does not use SF.


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    Are you talking about the reports of homeless people or the overdue earthquake?

  • What is the precise issue? I leave out of SFO all the time. The airport is not in SF per se. it is physically in San Mateo County. I live in the area as do thousands of other people.

  • Also, Yosemite is a spectacular place to visit. You’ll never see anything else like it. The same is true about the sights on this fabulous tour.

  • NOTE: This was Robert_Hartmann's first visit and first post to the forum. Hard to imagine what the motivation was to make this your first visit and post. Sounds a bit like it could be someone from a competing tour company.

  • No I don’t think so Sam, he joined in 2018. Lots of people join and then do not post for a couple of years, even I did that.
    Who knows exactly what the deal is. Ode love to go back there, been twice. Now have a cousin who lives in the wine area.

  • Looking at the sights on this tour, where else would you start/end it? LAX? Ugh Fresno? Double Ugh Just about any other location would require you to fly into a hub like SF and then another hop or long drive. As someone who all too often has to make those short flights to get to a tour start/end I'd think it makes a whole lot more sense to start/end it near a major airport.

    If the post isn't as Sam speculates from a competitor, hopefully the OP will come back and explain the concern. They'll get a better answer.

  • His post would also imply the same hesitation to fly out of cities such as Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, etc and etc. All these beautiful cities have considerable issues but let’s not get into that. They are still cities with much beauty and history to offer.

  • We’ve been on several tours with people who live in San Francisco and they have been pretty negative about their city, it surprised me. My own nearby city, Philly, we have friends who just won’t go to the city anymore. We visit all the time. We even go to parties that start at 11pm at night because we do theatre, I do get more nervous these days walking through the streets.

  • British
    Lots of people join and then do not post for a couple of years, even I did that.

    Well, you've certainly made up for lost time. :):) You know I jest!

    Regarding the original post, all I can say is very strange...

  • We all know that anything can happen anywhere at any given time. We make choices since all of us on the forum look forward to travel. We’ve all had different experiences because life is just that way. We do the best we can to feel very safe wherever we choose to wander whether it be a big city with issues or a national park such as breathtaking Yosemite.

  • We are former NYers who have lived in San Francisco for 35 years. The only thing "wrong" with San Francisco is that it is not NY. That said, I wouldn't go back to live in NY for all the money in the world. Unfortunately, there has recently been an uptick in street crime, but that is happening to cities all over the world. The city (SF) has a lot to offer, is safe with the exception of a few small pockets and the airports, SFO, OAK and SJC are probably more people friendly than most. Go to SF, enjoy the weather, the culture, the food and the generally nice people! (I am not a travel agent or PR spokesperson for SF)

  • Well said Sherry! I also live in SF but I live between two different homes in Calif. I was born and raised in SF and it is definitely a beautiful city.

  • We were in SF recently - one of our favorite places. We did notice changes, but there is still so much to savor. It is the logical stop and end for this tour. WHile we do not usually do Tauck for US, we are consiering this tour. Two classy hotels!

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