Alaska for our 50th anniversary



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    Well, happiest 50th to al of you. I've just been married 32 years and sometimes it teels like 50 when other times it feels like a honeymoon. I ask my 90 year old mom what her secret is to her happy marriage and her reply is "ignore". I'm still learning.

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    We just passed through our 40th this year. It's amazing how many trips there have been titled, "Our 40th Anniversary Trip".

    Let's see Cozumel, Las Vegas (where we were married), and our Tauck Essence of South America coming up in less than a month.

    Happy Wife, Happy Life! 😂

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    Smiling Sam
    Las Vegas (where we were married),

    Was Elvis involved?

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    No Elvis, but we were dressed in shorts and flip-flops and it was in the Little White Chapel on the Strip. Yes it was a spur of the moment elopement. We were in Phoenix for a friends wedding (this was when we lived in Seattle, not Tucson) and had an extra day so we decided to drive up to Las Vegas and get married. That was 40+ years ago. :D

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    cathyandsteve - I hesitate to say this but I don't think India is a very "romantic" location.

    I agree with Cathy with respect to the 'romantic' aspect, with a couple of exceptions (at least on the Portrait of India tour):

    a) as a set the hotels (mostly Oberoi hotels) are the best of any Tauck tour we've been on
    b) the 'Tauck special' was a parade to dinner. The parade included elephants, horses, band, ... There was entertainment at dinner and a special fireworks/candle ceremony after dinner in conjunction with India's Diwali Festival of Lights celebration

    Those, if not romantic, are at least very special.

    When I recommended the Portrait of India and the Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand tour it wasn't driven by the romantic aspect of either.

    If 'romance' is the driver, then I doubt that any tour is a good selection, unless it is a private tour for two.

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    edited September 2023

    We did Alaska for our 25th -- a week on the water followed by a week inland. It was a compromise. I wanted to try a cruise, because my parents loved cruising, and he wanted to go Alaska (where his plane had refueled on the way to Okinawa, courtesy of Uncle Sam, in 1970). We loved it. (Unfortunately, my husband didn't make it to our 50th, which would have been 2 years ago.)

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    MCD: so sorry to hear that. I hope you were able to celebrate with other family members. This is exactly why my husband and I celebrate our 50th every year.
    We enjoyed our Alaska cruises with family very much.

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    MCD - Sorry to hear about your husband. 🥲

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    MCD - So sorry to hear about your husband. We celebrated 46 years last June.

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    Thanks, everyone! (We had a great 42 years.) And Wan -- to celebrate my 50th, my daughter took me to a resort in Maine where my husband and I used to go on our anniversaries. It's all good! :)

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    John, we have had the same experiences as you for both anniversaries and birthdays with Tauck.
    The funniest was at the Four Seasons in Bali last year. We got back from dinner and there was a gorgeous looking chocolates cake under a glass dome. We were too full, so decided to eat it the next day. When we came back to our room, they had taken it away!

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