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I generally either use AAA travel insurance or Tauck's travel insurance. What are the other options that people have been very well satisfied when they had to make a claim?


  • I've been very satisfied not buying insurance, or said another way, I'm self-insured. never had a claim problem with a claim. :)

  • I used USAA on our first Tauck tour but since have always used Taucks. Never had to make a claim thankfully. Since I'd heard several people say they got better rates and coverage from USAA I recently got an estimate. By the time we'd entered the tour costs, airfare, and our ages the USAA price was double Tauck's. For younger travelers it might be a good deal. I'll stay with Tauck's Guest Protection. Easier to add and flat rate. Also we have twice done back to back tours with them only having to pay the insurance once for both.

  • We are in our mid 50s. Tauck River Cruise Insurance for us is $799 each.
    We use USAA/Travel Insured for $280 each.
    We had to cancel our Xmas Market Cruise this past Dec because my mom was sick - we were reimbursed for everything, the river cruise, train tickets, hotel in Amsterdam over $11K. We were VERY pleased and will continue to use them as it's MUCH cheaper for us.
    I have friends who use Allianz thru AAA and were pleased when they had to file a claim.

  • Very wise that you asked for satisfaction when filing a claim. If you did not file a claim the only thing that count are costs. If you go to you can enter the details of your trip, your demographics, and come up a with a series of plans from different insurers and the prices. Check the coverage carefully, they will differ. There are reviews as well. Once again, the ones with claim experience count, all others, not so much. We need medical coverage as Medicare does not provide coverage overseas. Our supplement has some coverage but it is not comprehensive. We have another plan that just covers evacuation (to home) which can be quite costly.

  • We use the Tauck insurance. We have only filed one claim and it was due to a positive Covid test and not being able to return to the US when we planned. Processing was very slow but when paid, the reimbursement was what we expected. When traveling internationally, we add a medical policy (we are also on Medicare). We use GeoBlue but have never had to file a claim with them.

  • We always use Tauck’s guest protection. We’ve filed 2 claims over the past 14 years. One claim processed within 6 weeks (pre-Covid); the other took nearly 3 months due to the large number of claims being filed due to Covid. We’ve been very satisfied with their plan.

  • I use Allianz All Trips Premier Annual Plan with the $15K option. Covers all travel and car rental, and other benefits including medical while travelling worldwide for me and the wife for a year. I had only one claim with them for a cracked windshield on a rental car and it got approved without issue and reimbursed promptly. I renew it every year.

  • Does that mean it only covers you for a $15000 option? That is not enough for most Tauck tours these days for two people

  • We filed a claim for Covid in 2022 with Tauck/Aon and TravelGuard, having been partially double-covered due to consecutive Tauck and Non-Tauck tours. This claim was for Covid and both companies paid within 4-6 weeks, with the TravelGuard checks arriving first.
    We filed another claim in 2023 when we had to depart a tour early because of an impending death in the family. We had 2 Tauck tours booked back-to-back. We did get reimbursed from Tauck/Aon, but Aon did not reimburse the small amount for the EasyJet flight linking the two tours, even after we filed an appeal and got Tauck to intervene for us. We were never sure why they refused to pay it, but in the end Tauck Customer Service took care of it and reimbursed us, separately from Aon. We were impressed.

  • @British: The $15K covers trip cancellation and trip interruption for all family members on a trip. Yes, if you have two-person Cat 7 river cruise booking it may not be enough. However, if you do multiple trips within the year you don't have to buy coverage for each trip. Also, the policy includes epidemic coverage, $50K in emergency medical during a trip, $500K in emergency medical transportation, $2K in lost/damaged luggage, $2K in luggage delay, $1.5K for delayed travel expenses, $45K in rental car damage/theft, $50K travel accident (personal injury) and Concierge service. Covers all travel within the policy year, not just one. All this for about $1,500/year.

    Might there be a coverage gap on some Tauck trips depending on the tour and level of service? Yes? But that's a potential gap I can afford IF it occurs versus the scope of coverage and probability of needed the policy at all. YMMV.

  • That sounds good Inlanikai. Except, apples to apples, I’m assuming that does not include cancel for any reason which the Tauck insurance does. Without cancel for any reason, most insurances get reduced by about half.
    When we travel with other companies or independently which we are doing more often these days and of course now we are on Medicare which doesn’t cover health, we have annual insurance for medical evacuation for any time we are more than 100 miles from home which includes cover for medical escort and getting your companion home, returning a rental car if you had one etc. That is really cheap. The company now has regular travel insurance which we have just started using for non Tauck tours. We can get the cancel for any reason coverage in addition, but it doubles the price as it does with pretty much any other company. For what Tauck insurance rates covers, it is very reasonable and possibly the gold standard. Most people seem to have been satisfied apart from delays with reimbursement during initial Covid times.
    Before the company we are using offered the regular insurance, we used the Squaremouth website to choose the insurance coverage we needed. In addition, most of the Tauck tours we use are very expensive and we travel business class these days, so in most cases, $15000 limit would probably cover less than half the cost of the trip. It depends what each person feels they can afford to lose. Sometimes, even if you know you can afford to lose it, it might cause total annoyance to do so. Everyone has different tolerance of risk.

  • Thank you for all the advice!

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