Doha city tour during layover offered by Qatar Airlines

If I take an 8am-11am Doha city tour offered by Qatar Airlines, will that leave enough time for me to get back to the hotel and check in for a 3pm flight? Has anyone ever signed up for one of these tours?


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    We’ve traveled through Qatar airport many times now but never leave airports for that type of tour incase of traffic problems or long lines at security. It’s a huge and busy airport. There is a fantastic airport lounge if you have business class tickets, wonderful food, sleep area and so on. Or you could eat at Harrods. Also am is surely a busy time ot be in traffic. We got to see Doha on the Tauck Arabia tour.

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    AnnMarieP. I agree with British; however, if you have an "official" stopover tour sponsored by the airline/airport/gov't, I think it's a great opportunity to see Doha. I'm pretty certain they understand timelines and logistics to ensure you arrive back with enough time to navigate security and make your flight on time. This is the assurance I would require to leave the airport. it is a wonderful airport with lots to see and more shopping than you could ever imagine. If you're traveling business class, the lounges are fantastic!

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    Unfortunately not traveling business class. I hope I won't be "roughing it" too much but when I recently looked in to upgrading to business class it was thousands of dollars more.

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    So sorry AnneMarie, it is expensive but it also means you won’t get any priority security checks etc. It’s our favorite airline.

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    British-- My brother in law said that purchasing Priority Pass through Amex would provide lounge access but I'm not sure about the security checks. Thoughts?


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    Sorry I’ve no idea. However, security checks are very thorough at Doha. We’ve had to take covers off iPads, take cameras out of bags and so on. You come out of secure juggling everything hoping you haven’t dropped anything or left it behind.
    I will be going through Doha in two weeks again!

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    AnnMarieP Priority Pass will get you into certain airport lounges - those that are not associated with a specific airline. Most of them are nice - nothing compared to the American Express Centurion lounge and certainly not even close in comparison to a Qatar, Turkish, Emirates, Singapore, or any of the major US Carrier lounges. Using Priority Pass is definitely better than sitting among the masses waiting for your flight. Like British, Qatar is now my favorite airline followed closely by Singapore Airlines.

    BTW--Priority Pass does not provide any priority services during the security check-point process. It is strictly a program for lounge access.
    Enjoy the Tauck & Doha tour and let us know how it was...Safe Travels!

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    Prio Pass is included as a benefit with Chase Sapphire Reserve credit cards.

    In some cases, they do contract with airlines for lounge use. In other cases, they are non-affiliated lounges. And in other cases, there are no lounges available at some airports. Instead, they give you a $28 allowance at an airport restaurant, however, the restaurant benefit is going away for Sapphire Reserve cardholders this summer.

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    Priority Pass lounge access is also benefit for American Express Platinum card holders. You can google Priority Pass and see if they have a lounge in Doha airport.

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    @AnnMarieP - Qatar Airways and Doha airport are very unique in that the best lounges and security lines are reserved for their highest class of ticketing/paying customers.

    For example:
    Al Safwa First Class Lounge - Qatar First Class Ticket, Qatar Privilege Club Platinum Members (in Business Class) or First Class on another Oneworld Airline
    Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge - First Class Ticket, Full Fare Business Class Ticket (upgrade from economy does NOT count), or Paid Access if flying in Qatar Business Class Lite or Economy only. Oneworld Status with another airline does not apply.
    Oryx Lounge - paid entry for any airline/any class of ticket. pre-paying is recommended as folks have reported being turned away from purchasing access at the lounge in favor or other First Class or Business Class passengers that didn't get access or want access to the above lounges.

    Priority Pass will get you access to Al Maja Lounge - sounds like it can be very busy and tough to enter.

    If you have Oneword Status (Sapphire or Platinum) it may be better to check out the Platinum & Gold North or the Platinum South or Gold South Lounges. That's where my wife and I will be when we come through in July.

    Transit Security Screening: Business Class and Higher get priority lines, but from what I've read both regular and business class lines security lines can be longer or shorter depending on the time of day and number of passengers and who is monitoring the lines. If you are flying economy, and maybe want expedited transiting, Oryx lounge access, and personalized assistance - look at the Al Maja Service. You might want to compare this to the cost of the Priority Pass that you are looking at.

    Transit Tours: https://discoverqatar.qa/transit-tours/
    They do seem like a good way to occupy your time, but you will need a Visa to enter Qatar if you leave the airport.
    I would recommend you read some reviews on the tours before scheduling one. I've seen some very hit or miss reviews. I suspect getting back at 11 am would get you back in time - but that seems risky. But hey... some people love the risk. I would take the tour, but my wife vetoed leaving the airport when we travel in July as it just introduces too much risk for 4 people (2 adults and 2 kids) that something will not go as planned.

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