Director & Driver Gratuities

Would be interested in anyone who has recently gone to England, Scotland and Wales (or is going) and whether you will be providing the gratuities in English pounds or U.S. $.



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    I think you'll find prior travelers have done it differently- some have used USD, some GBP, while some have used a mix. Remember, also, your TD may be from the UK, Ireland, US or just about anywhere. Our TD for E, S, W was from the US but our TD for Best of Ireland was from NZ, but had family in UK. Many folks pay with leftover foreign currency, but if you end up a bit short you can get more at an ATM or just augment with USD. Your driver, on the other hand, will be local.
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    It's very easy to exchange currency in Britain of just about any denomination ,so if you want to give even the driver dollars, it will be gladly accepted. Or the driver could use it for his next trip to the US, a popoular destination for a lot of Brits, it's so cheap to travel internationally from Britain. Here in the US it's such a rigmarole to get hold of foreign money in comparison. If you want to go to Britain, you can pretty much survive without taking British pounds these days.
  • Just finished the Scotland Wales England tour 2 weeks ago. Our driver was British so we paid him in pounds. The TD was American and we paid in a combination us dollars and pounds. Would have paid him all dollars but forgot to bring the drivers envelope from our safe the last morning we were to see him and had to hit an ATM across from Westminster Abbey so we ended up with more pounds than needed.
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