New direct flight to Capetown

I got an e-mail this morning from United Airlines. Starting December 15, they are offering direct flights from Newark airport to Capetown. The only direct flight to Capetown from the US. 14 1/2 hours flight duration. I sure wish that there had been this option when we went!


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    Delta still flies non-stop from Atlanta to Johannesburg- their longest scheduled flight. We flew that to Z,SA,B. We spent the night at the Intercontinental Hotel at the airport and were refreshed and ready to go mid-morning for the short flight to Livingstone. I suspect you could do the same and fly to Capetown. For me spending the night almost there, was psychologically better than spending an extra night midway in Heathrow or Amsterdam.

  • I would have used the direct Delta flight, but for us it would have been 50% more than flying through Heathrow. We chose to fly through Heathrow and used the savings for a few days in London (my favorite city).

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