Suggestions for Ennis, London, and free time on tour

We will be traveling on the June 6, 2020 Ireland and Great Britain tour. We will be arriving at 8:55 a.m. on the day prior to our tour- so we will really have a day and a half to tour around Ennis. I would like to travel to the Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands. Any other suggestions or recommendations for tours? I would also love recommendations for time in London, as we have added a day at the end. It will be our first time in London other than the airport:-) Is there anything that I should get tickets for in advance?


  • What are your interests, there are weeks worth of things to see in London so it would be helpful to narrow it down a little.

  • We love history. Will be traveling with my 22 year old daughter who will have just graduated from college. I know we won't have time to cover much- but would like to make the most of our time.

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    Regarding London -
    On your tour you have the choice of Westminster Abbey and the Cabinet War Rooms or St. Pauls. I would do the former on the tour and combine the latter with a trip to the Tower of London (both in the same direction from your hotel). The Tower is, in my view, the single best place to visit in London, especially if you like history. I would also recommend taking a train to out to Windsor Castle. Buckingham Palace unfortunately will not be open to the public when you are there, it is only open the latter part of July - October. I would also recommend the British Museum. You won't have enough time to do all these things.

    Consider buying a Transport for London Visitor Oyster Card for each of you before you go. This will allow you to ride the tube, buses, boats and most trains near to London using the card (re-loadable, you pay by the use). This will save you a bit of time when accessing public transit. More information here:

    If you wish to go the the theater in the evening, it's a good idea book those tickets in advance. Time Out London is a good place to view theater offerings and also check for events during your stay:

    Don't waste time and money going to Madame Tussauds, the London Eye and the Observation Deck at the Shard. All are overpriced tourist traps not worth the money or your very limited time.

    Happy Travels! Cheers!

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    Good info, Ken. And Lisa, please delete the duplicate thread you started.

    Another question for London - I am staying for 2 additional days in London at the end of ESW. One of them is at The Savoy, thanks to GoT. As I am free to stay anywhere on the second post-trip day, is there another part of London anyone would recommend for a different experience or proximity to attractions not included in the trip? Any specific recommendations?

  • Lisa, you just have one extra day. I would not waste time going all the way to Windsor , there is so much to see that is nearer to you. Windsor is great but save it for another time, go back for at least a week and go further afield then,.suggest going out of the big tourist season when it will be quieter and flights much cheaper to get there. For example, when we last went, we had not been to the Tower for years, so revisited, arrived as it opened and went straight to the Building that houses the Crown Jewels, there were only about three other’s more usual to stand in line for a long time. On such a short stay I don’t think it’s worth an Oyster card, for speed, we used Uber. You are probably only going to be able to do two things and give them the time they deserve. Another idea, of the weather is good, head for the outside sites, if it’s bad, head for indoor things like the museums. Theatre tickets are easier to come by out of season. You can walk up to many theatres and get tickets for around 20 pounds on the day. Or try

  • You can also get same-day reduced price theatre tickets at the booth in Leicester Square.

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    Lisa have you checked the the archives- there are a lot of old post about things to do in and around Ennis. We visited nearby Bunratty Castle and adjoining Irish folk village. Afterward we had a medieval banquet in the castle's great hall while being entertained by cast members and musicians wearing authentic period costumes. It was a fun evening. We arranged car transport through hotel concierge (was the same driver who picked us up at Shannon airport), but booked the banquet online months in advance since it is very popular and sells out quickly. We had a great time.

  • When you visit Ennis, I would highly recommend a walking tour with Jane O'Brien from Ennis Walking Tours. Jane gets excellent reviews on Trip Advisor too!

  • Alan, I had no idea you were a Renaissance Man!

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    Alan, I had no idea you were a Renaissance Man!

    Naw, more Neanderthal. It was actually a fun evening. The singers and musicians were excellent, especially the harpist.

    Though a smaller "keep" style castle, Bunratty is one of the most well preserved and fully and authentically furnished castles in Ireland. Check it out at this link:

  • BTW the tube is fast and easy to use. If you have a contactless card you can use it on buses and the tube.

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