Leaving on Aug 25 Trip. Two questions

1 Is a light backpack the best solution for one's day bag to take on the bus?

2 A friend who was just at Bryce & Zion told me the parks have banned the water bottles that Tauck would typically hand out from the bus. He said you will need a regular (commercial) water bottle if you want to carry it around the parks. Does anyone know if this is true?


  • I think Tauck is handing out Tauck water bottles now. We got one on our last tour, very nice but heavy.

  • edited August 2019

    Seems to be no longer the case:

    However, FWIW, I usually pack an empty refillable water bottle. Being an avid bicyclist, I have several of them. This one is my favorite, being insulated and should be available at your local bike shop: (edited to add that my amazon link didn't work.
    Search for Polar-Bottle-Insulated-Water-)

  • Thank you all for your prompt responses.

  • HowardMorris, how was the tour? Our family of 5 is going in June... TIA

  • AliciaJohnsonNOLA

    HowardMorris, how was the tour? Our family of 5 is going in June... TIA

    Alicia, unfortunately, Howard may be like many first time visitors to the Tauck forums- they ask for info about a certain tour then never return. Howard has only visited 8 times and hasn't posted since Aug 2019 when made the posts, his only ones, above- he traveled on 25 Aug 2019 and hasn't posted since. You may want to start a new thread.

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