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Is Tauck offering refunds of money paid or just credits for future trips. Thinking of rebooking my cancelled Israel / Jordan trip for fall. I know that they reserve the right to just issue a credit during pandemic and not sure what they are currently doing. Any recent experience would be greatly appreciated.


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    It depends on your situation and whether you cancelled or Tauck cancelled. I assume you've read the announcements at the banners at the top of the first page of the main Tauck website. If they don't answer your question, give them a call. It is not hard to get through. I had no problem getting through yesterday.

  • Our Italy Small Groups tour was cancelled by Tauck and we received a full refund. Since Tauck cancelled the tour the money we paid for the travel protection plan is in a credit account to be used for a future tour.

  • My fully paid Japan trip (which I would have been on now) was cancelled by tauck. They offered either a refund or if I kept the funds on file with them, they'd add an additional $500 credit per person if I rebooked either later this year or in 2021.

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    My fully paid Japan trip (which I would have been on now) was cancelled by tauck. They offered either a refund or if I kept the funds on file with them, they'd add an additional $500 credit per person if I rebooked either later this year or in 2021.

    Same here. I rebooked. The $500 p/p credit helped reduced the nearly $1000 p/p price increase for 2021 tour.

  • We canceled our London/Paris Seine River Cruise scheduled for this July, although the trip protection plan fees are in a DreamAccount, we will not be traveling unless a verified vaccine is available, wish Tauck would extend the DreamAccount until 2022, when travel should safer.

  • Tauck cancelled our italy trip, we fully intend to take the same trip in 2021, never heard about a 500 credit. We did get a full refund. I guess since we did it through TA doesn’t apply to us. We also lost 2000 and change on the insurance the TA sold us, as it didn’t apply during pandemic. I’m ok with the trip part as we received refund thanks delta and Tauck, but insurance is gone. Lesson learned, no more Travel Agents. I’ll deal direct with Tauck from now on.

  • I was booked thru a travel agent and got the $500 credit. You only get the credit if you leave the funds on file with Tauck. If it's refunded to you, it doesn't apply.

  • Sort of make my point about my TA, nobody told me that

  • S35flyer, you should also call the insurance company to see if they will transfer the policy to the new trip since you did not use the policy at all.

  • S35 Flyer:
    I agree with taxare about calling the Travel Insurance Company. I purchased a travel insurance policy thru Allianz and it was a great policy except for the fact that it didn't cover pandemics. I don't think any travel plans cover that unless you are able to get one that covers for any reason at all, but those are usually very expensive. Anyhow, Allianz did offer, because of the circumstances involved with the Corona Virus, to fully refund the costs of my Travel Insurance Policy as long as I didn't put forth a claim. In addition, I was able to transfer the policy to a new trip without further costs. I received the refund two weeks after initiating my request. I was very impressed with their Customer Service.

  • Wow I’m getting better info here than from the TA. It was with Allianz through the do nothing TA. I’ll call them today, can’t hurt an I might owe some drinks if we ever end up on the same tour, thanks taxare and travel madin.

  • Yes, definitely worth a call. When I called their number , I was told by the customer service rep that I would need to send an e-mail to [email protected] and I referenced my policy number and some details such as when I purchased the policy and some details about when Tauck canceled the trip. I also attached a copy of the Tauck cancellation letter as a reference. They didn't tell me to do this but I wanted to give them as much info as possible up front. Also, I meant to say in my earlier post that you had a choice of a refund or to switch your policy to a new trip, not both. I took the refund option. I don't know if anything has changed since then, but it is worth a try. Good luck.

    This is the statement on Allianz's website:
    COVID-19 Plan Refund Information (dated March 16, 2020)
    Customers may change their plan’s effective dates to cover a new or rescheduled trip. Alternatively, for a temporary period, we are offering refunds for the cost of your travel protection plan to customers who wish to cancel their travel protection plan if the customer’s travel supplier canceled the customer’s trip due to COVID-19, so long as no payable claim has been filed under the plan. Please call us at the number listed on your plan and we will be happy to assist you.

  • We always take the Tauck insurance but I did not realize it was Allianz, I think it is something else as the amount you quote for your insurance is way more than the Tauck insurance. We have an additional evacuation insurance that we pay yearly.

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    I think Tauck policies may be underwritten by more than one provider. A few years ago I dealt with Aon. In the "Protection Product" section of the website for our next three tours, it says the insurance is "Underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company (C&F and Crum & Forster are registered trademarks of United States Fire Insurance Company)."

    According to Wikipedia, "Crum & Forster Holdings Corp. (C&F) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fairfax. Based in Morristown, New Jersey, C&F, through its insurance companies, writes commercial property and casualty insurance in the United States, offering a broad range of coverages, including admitted property and casualty, accident & health, specialty and excess and surplus lines. Products and services are offered through the Crum & Forster" various brands including United States Fire Insurance Company.

    However, elsewhere in that section it also says: Note: All Guests, regardless of residency, who book a Tauck journey have the option of purchasing the Cancellation Waiver provided by Tauck in the event they need to cancel their trip after making their reservations. Tauck’s Guest Protection, which includes both the Cancellation Fee Waiver and the Travel Insurance Benefits and Assistance Services described above, is not available to residents of Puerto Rico.

    To obtain your state-specific Certificate of Insurance that contains the complete terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the certificate, visit

    So, Aon/Affinity has a roll in all this, too. According to Wikipedia, "Aon plc is a large global professional services firm that sells a range of financial risk-mitigation products, including insurance, pension administration, and health-insurance plans.

    I'm confused.

  • I believe Tauck goes thru AON. That is who I had to deal with when I had to cancel my trip last year to get the airfare refunded. I think Allianz is who S35flyer got thru their travel agent. I just had to cancel a trip for early May, non Tauck travel, and the insurance I purchased for my American Airlines flight is thru Allianz. When I called Allianz about the possibility of cancelling, I was told that they have a 770 policy where I can put the insurance towards a future, re-booked flight w/in 770 days. I was able to cancel my airfare due to them changing the schedule and knowing that where I was going would still be closed so I'm getting a cash refund for the air, but will hold the insurance to apply to a future flight, if/when I hopefully rebook this trip.

    Allianz might have a different policy for S35flyer since they were booked on a tour that was cancelled.

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